5 Effective Ways of How to Remove Soap Residue From Carpet in 2022

Carpet increases the beauty of your home by folds. It also works as a comforting zone to your feet. The texture of the rug gets affected when any component or thing falls on it.

One of the most disturbing things I experienced over the wet carpet is when it gets affected by different things. When a soap or detergent solution or residue gets stuck on the rug, you cannot generally move over it.

There is no certainty that you won’t face this situation. If you have to face it and look for a solution, you came to the right place.

The methods on how to remove soap residue from the carpet are vast. Vinegar being a standard stubborn stain remover, is vastly used for this purpose. Wet-dry vacuum cleaners can also be used for removing soap residue from the carpet. Unusual ingredients like kitty litter or pet stains and the shampooing machine paid off well for getting rid of the detergent residue and tough stains from the carpet.

Most importantly, the best measure is to react instantly right after the soap or detergent solution fell on the clean carpet rather than going for carpet cleaning services later on. Act on it before it gets settled in the carpet. If you are late to do so, don’t worry. We got the best carpet cleaning methods for you.

How to remove soap residue from the carpet

Till now, our experts have been researching the effective methods of removing the tough spots, a deep stain, original stains, and soap residue from the carpet for a long time. Many experiments and works have been carried out.

Finally, the best and the most convenient ways of completing the task have been done. Not one but many methods have been found till now. Let’s take an overlook of the carpet cleaning tips.

Using Vinegar

White vinegar solution is arguably the best stain removal of the carpet. No matter what type of stain or dirt your carpet has, it can be well exercised by vinegar.

To get dish soap out of the carpet, we’ll also implement the same strategy. We’ll use vinegar as the main component here. How? Let’s know it by some stepwise traditional methods.

Step 1: Take a fresh white clean cloth or clean white or light-colored towel. Gently gather the liquid from the damp spot of the carpet at the center.  It will work as an adhesive remover to remove residue from carpets.

Step 2: Press a cloth or white towel over the wet area of the carpet.  You can walk over the towel or cloth by placing it above the wet area. You’ll notice that the cloth is absorbing the liquid from the area.

Step 3: Replace the cloth or the towel once it extracts a sufficient amount of liquid from the carpet.  Keep on extracting the liquid until you find the place to be dry enough.

Step 4: Take white vinegar and dab it by pouring it on a white cloth or clean towel. Dab it on the affected area to remove the traces of the soap from it. The vinegar will also prevent the area from causing any kind of mold or bacteria on your carpet.

Step 5: After you are done making the whole area fresh with the vinegar, you can rinse the carpet surface with clean water and gently keep it for cooling. You can use your house fan or even keep the carpet under the open sky. Once it is dried up, it is ready to be used again.


Never use vinegar on wool, silk, or other natural fiber carpets. Also, make sure to add a sufficient amount of vinegar on the carpet only.

Using Shampooing Machine

Shampooing machines are usually used in cleaning many things, including cars, showpieces, etc. But today, we’ll be using the machine as the soap residue and stain removal from the sticky carpet.

Everything will be done accordingly. Just, we’ll replace the shampoo inside the machine with vinegar. Then thoroughly, we’ll approach doing the works.

Fill the shampooing machine with warm water and ¼ cup of vinegar. Let it mix well by shaking the machine gently. The vinegar in place of the shampoo will work generously as a vinegar shampooed the carpet and adequate cleaning of a sticky carpet.

The main task of using the vinegar cleaning solution here is to get rid of the stain or residue. Thus, you can make your carpet clean convincingly.

You can continue doing the cleaning by the machine unless you feel the carpet is cleaned thoroughly. The machine will balance the vinegar effect and will not let excess usage of it on the carpet.

After the cleaning is done, let the carpet dry for some time. It won’t take much time for the carpet to dry. You can use it right after it is dried up.

If you see any kind of excess soap residue remaining on the clean spot or outer edge of the carpet, you can remove it manually or with a paper towel. The whole operation so far will make it lose and unable to get out quickly.

remove soap residue from carpet with shampooing machine

Using Absorbent Kitty Litter

So far, you’ve heard about kitty litter to be used for your pet. But, this kitty litter’s effect is vast in terms of removing soap residue as a carpet cleaner.

You’ll be needing some other components beside it to remove sticky residue or carpet stains from the carpet. Take a thick dry cloth, a dustpan, warm water, and a vacuum cleaner.

Step 1: Take the kitty litter and spread it over the residue area of the carpet. Let the litter extract the liquid material from it.

Step 2: After specific minutes of extracting the liquids, scrape it off with a dustpan and a broom if necessary. If you see more residue on the dirty carpet, repeat the process.

Step 3: Take the thick towel and soak it up on the damp area. Let the liquid cleaning agent come to the towel along with the soap. Perform the process until you remove the soap or residue from carpet permanently.

Step 4:  After making the whole area dry, you’ll still see some of the residues being stuck in the fibers. They’re pretty tough to get rid of. For that, you’ll use the vacuum cleaner and absorbent cloths for the final touch. Vacuum the area to get the particles out of the carpet.

Step 5: Let the carpet dry for a while before you proceed to use it as usual. The sticky carpet will be fully useable then.

Using Hand Brush and Steam Cleaner

Removing the spilled laundry detergent or baby urine from the carpet might seem to be pretty messy and challenging at times. You have to do more rapid re-soiling than usual to remove it permanently.

For that, the main component for the operation will be a steam cleaner which is a professional carpet cleaning measure. We’ll use it along with a hand brush. Alongside, you’ll be needing towels, sprayers, and a lot of hot water.

Step 1: At first, you need to wrap up the water from the soaked area using a towel. Extract as many liquid components as you can from the area using a paper towel.

Step 2:  After removing the water from the area, use hot water to dissolve the carpet’s detergent or soap. Keep on pouring the water until you feel sudsy by your hand or a damp cloth.

Step 3: Use a hand brush and rub the components from the area. Repeat the process until you see the excess soap getting disappeared from the carpet.

Step 4: Now comes the time to use the steam cleaner. After the manual operation, just apply the steam cleaner over the carpet area and get rid of the soap or laundry detergent’s remaining part.

Step 5: Let the excess water on the carpet dry for a while. You can use a dryer or absorbent cloth to make the drying operation fast and convenient. Once it is done, you can use the carpet usually.


Make sure to dry your carpet correctly after using the steam cleaner on it. Otherwise, the carpet color and fibers will fade away.

Using Salt and Wet-dry vacuum cleaner

Removing the body wash or coffee stains or lemon juice from a carpet can be challenging. It spreads fast than the others and enters into the fibers quickly. As a result, your operation to remove them should be more precise and legit.

In that case, a wet-dry vacuum cleaner or a carpet blower can be useful. You’ll be needing some more components like paper towels or a white towel, salts, brushes, dustpan, etc.

Step 1: Use paper towels or a dry towel to soak up extra soap components with warm water from the carpet. It will allow you to make the task easier and convenient. Moreover, the body wash or coffee stain can be restrained from getting spread through the carpet fiber by it.

remove soap residue from carpet with wet-dry vacuum cleaner

Step 2: Now, take warm water or hot plain water and sprinkle it over the area. The best thing will be to spray it by taking in a spray bottle. This will allow you more to be precise in cleaning.

Step 3: Spread salt over the wet spot to stop suds formation. Use a thick towel to soak up the dirty water by applying much pressure to the area. Repeat the whole process until you see the excess soap getting eradicated.

Step 4:  Let the carpet dry for a while. You can keep it under the fan or the open sky to dry up the excess water.

Step 5: Once the carpet is dried up, use the wet-dry vacuum cleaner to give a final touch to the carpet. Vacuum the area repeatedly to get rid of the soap materials from the carpet. The carpet’s moisture balance will be stabled, and you get a fresh carpet aloof from body wash on it.

Frequently Asked Question

1.       What happens if you leave the soap on your carpet?

The soap in the carpet will function as a dirt magnet on your carpet. Keeping it for a long time will gather more dirt and increase the possibility of settling in the carpet.

2. Does vinegar leave soap residue on the carpet?

Just like other stains, the vinegar is active enough to remove the soap residues from the carpet. This works efficiently to remove the residues permanently, keeping a good texture on the surface.

3. How to remove gunk from the carpet?

The best way to remove gunk from the carpet is by using ice. Rubbing the ice and cleaning the stained area with a towel will remove the gunk from the place. Don’t forget to dry the area after the operation.

4. Can you use dish soap on a carpet?

Dish soap should never be used on a carpet. It will destroy the texture and will leave residue on the carpet. Later on, the residue will become an issue to be cleaned and thus increase more work for you to do.

5. Does baking soda remove odor from the carpet?

Baking soda is known as an odor absorber and is a professional cleaner. No matter how dense or worse the odor is, baking soda can remove it convincingly. You can also use club soda for the purpose.

Final Words

Removing detergent or soap residue from the carpet is never a big deal now. The best and proven steps have been discussed conveniently above. You won’t have to go for the commercial cleaning products now for cleaning your carpet.

Besides that, you must keep in mind ensuring the quality of the carpet. Don’t destroy the fibers and the texture of the carpet. Or else, you might end up losing the whole beautiful carpet in getting it fixed.

Our expert team of highly professional analysts has shown that you can get rid of different types of stains from your white carpet even without professional cleanings. Not only that, the results and feedback from the general people are also taken into accounts. To implement the steps and enjoy a happy cleaning of your carpet.