8 Easiest Steps of How to Get Syrup Out of Carpet in 2022

Syrup stain is never holistic on any medium. Especially when it is on a carpet, it hampers regular movement over the carpet. The sticky thing when it gets attached to your legs is alarming.

But you won’t have to worry now. This article has included all the convenient solutions on how to get syrup out of carpet. The most convenient and easily getable techniques will be implemented.

When the syrup is light or just fallen, you can remove it with water and a dull knife/spoon. The liquid detergent or liquid dishwashing detergent solution is an easily gettable thing that can be used to remove tough syrup stains. Rubbing alcohol and some other components like hydrogen peroxide or vinegar work efficiently in removing and cleaning the syrup. These ingredients, as separate ones, also function accurately.

Overall, you’ll be getting the easiest and most feasible ways to clean syrup out of the carpet after reading this article. Let’s take a deep dive into the techniques and their implementation.

How to remove syrup out of carpet

After much research and experiments, our research team has concluded the removal of syrup from the carpet.  The safest and most straightforward method for removing the syrup have been stated below:

By spoon, sponge/cloth, and knife with warm water.

The method is the most convenient one to apply when the syrup has just fallen on your carpet. As the spoon and knife are regularly available in your house, you can easily access them. Let’s do the work in some steps:

Step 1:  Remove the syrup with a spoon or knife naturally. If the syrup is fresh, you can do it quickly.

Step 2: The remaining syrup removal will be done by soft cloth or sponge. Soak them in warm water to get rid of the syrup from the base.

Step 3:  Try to remove the annoying stains as much as you can with the soaked sponge. If needed, use a dishwasher and mix it with warm water. Spill it over the stained area and operate the cloth or sponge over it.

Step 4: For deep cleaning, use liquid enzyme dishwashing detergent. For that, you have to mix it in cold water and make a perfect solution. Blot the stain with a dry cloth.

You still find any light syrups or additional stains on the carpet—no need to panic over it. Begin the cleaning from the first step, which is a light cleaning. Approaching further, you’ll end up cleaning the whole thing.


  • Use only warm water where it is needed. Excess heat will destroy the texture of your carpet.
  • Never use enzyme detergent on wool carpets. It will destroy the fibers of the rug.

Using Vinegar and Rubbing Alcohol

White vinegar has always been a potent agent in cleaning any kind of stain or dirt. Because of its strong reactivity, it can settle quickly and disseminate the colors convincingly.

The syrup over a carpet can also be removed with this vinegar with the assist of rubbing alcohol. Our experts suggested we follow some steps with some materials. We’ll be needing scraping, water, soft cloth, absorbent pads, along with vinegar and rubbing alcohol.

Step 1: Use a scraper to get rid of unsettled excess syrup. Try to remove as many sugar particles as possible.

Step 2: Dig the soft cloth or sponge in the water. Squeezing the excess water from it, rub the cloth or sponge over the stained area gently. It will make the area damp and allow more feasibility for further cleaning or dark stain.

get syrup out of carpet with vinegar and rubbing alcohol

Step 3: Pour a tablespoon of vinegar or white vinegar over the stained area. Cover it up with a soaked absorbent pad or soaked clean towel. Change the place after the stain has transferred from the carpet to the residence.

Step 4: Take the rubbing alcohol and rub it over the steady stains. The stains will start to disappear. Then again, repeat the process with the vinegar. Carry on until you remove the real syrup from the carpet.

Step 5: Rinse the whole spot after successfully removing the stain dry cloth. Use cool water or lukewarm water with a soft cloth in rinsing.

Step 6: Let the carpet spot dry for a few minutes. After thoroughly drying up, you can use the carpet as usual.


  • Don’t dig or overuse the scrapper deeply inside the carpet.
  • Never apply vinegar directly over cotton or linen carpets.

Using Detergent and Ammonia/Chlorine Bleach

There is no doubt about the reactivity of the detergent as a carpet stain or color stain remover. It can remove the toughest of stains on your cloth. If you ever wonder how to get chocolate syrup and strawberry syrup stain out of a carpet, the detergent will help you convincingly.

Before using detergent, you have to collect and ensure some equipment. A knife or relative blunt material, white cloth or paper towels, cold water, ammonia, or chlorine bleach along with the detergent is required.

Step 1: Use the knife or the blunt element to scrap as much syrup as you can. If you find any other removable things, get rid of them too. Try to take as many ingredients out with the scraper. 

Step 2: Prepare a solution of 1 tablespoon detergent with 2 or 1 cup of water. If you are using the dishwashing fluid or liquid detergent or detergent solution, use two tablespoons instead.

Step 3: Rub the solution by taking it on a clean cloth. You can also blot the stained area with the solution and rub it accordingly. If the stains disappear entirely, you can stay confined to that. If there are still some stains remaining on the area, move to the next procedure.

Step 4: Take 1-tablespoon of ammonia and prepare a solution of it with 2 cups of water. If you use chlorine bleach, use two tablespoons instead.

Step 5: Apply the tablespoon or chlorine bleach mixture to the stained area. Use a white cloth in rubbing the solution over the stained area. Let the solution settle down for a few minutes.

Step 6: Rinse the solution over the area with a soft cloth with cold water. Repeat the rinsing until the ammonia or chlorine solution gets out of the carpet.

Step 7: Let the area dry for a few minutes. You’ll notice the spot to be free of any stain or syrup. Now, you are assured to use the carpet accordingly. 


  1. Never use ammonia or chlorine bleach on a wool carpet. The chemical will damage and destroy the characteristics of the rugs.


At times, club soda can function to remove steady stains out of certain mediums. So far, many institutes and researchers have pondered on how to clean up the dried syrup.

Then came the idea of using club soda for the purpose. Club or usual sodas can actively work to remove the sticky syrups and the old dried-up sodas.

You get the best advantage from the carbonation of the club soda. It neutralizes your stain and lifts it from the medium. Blotting the area with the club soda will make it feasible for you to get rid of the syrup’s sugar particles.

After that, rinse the area with excess water with a white towel. Let the carpet dry, and you are done getting the benefit of using club soda to remove the syrup from your carpet.

Hydrogen Peroxide

When there is a dilemma on removing the stubborn stain or getting old syrup out of the carpet, hydrogen peroxide is an essential carpet stain remover. The weak acid is pretty much effective in cleaning the toughest of the stains.

We’ll perform the cleaning with some essential things. A tablespoon or dull knife, warm water, and clean cloth will be required to complete the cleaning with the hydrogen peroxide.

Step 1: Get rid of as much syrup as possible from the carpet using the blunt object. Don’t dig it too much, or else it’ll damage the texture of the rug.

Step 2: Make a solution of 1-tablespoon hydrogen peroxide with three tablespoons of warm water. Mix stain remover solution firmly and apply it to the affected area. You can also use a spray bottle to spray the solution over the place.

get syrup out of carpet with hydrogen peroxide

Step 3: Wait for a few seconds to let the solution settle down in the area.

Step 4: Use a dry cloth and start blotting the area entirely. Let the solution enter the internal regions of the carpet correctly.

Step 5: Rinse the area with cold water and dry clean cloth. It will remove the stains. Dry it until the soaked region gets normal, and you’re done with it.


  1. Don’t use hydrogen peroxide over dark-colored carpets.
  2. Wool carpet fibers are not suggested to be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide

Carpet Cleaner

Carpet steam cleaner is more or less the most convenient medium to clean carpets. With less effort and worry, the carpet cleaners can remove strawberry syrup stains from your carpet. You won’t have to worry about even how to get syrup out of the car carpet when you use this medium.

The stain remover solution has all the ability to break the stain barriers. If you apply a little portion of it above the syrup region, it will tend to settle in that region. Slowly getting inside, will lift the syrup by destroying all the barriers.

Take a clean cloth and rub the area with the cleaner poured over it. After a particular rubbing, you’ll be done with the stains and will get a fresh, clean carpet.


  1. All the cleaners are not suitable for all the textures. Like you get a different cleaner for a wool carpet as it has the most sensitive fiber. It is better to use the cleaner assigned to the carpet’s texture.

Rubbing alcohol and Hydrogen Peroxide

Using the two potent agents like rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide is a pretty handy and robust solution. But this is a unique one and preferred to be used on white carpets only.

Make a solution of 1 tablespoon rubbing alcohol, one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide, and 2/3 cups of warm water. Blot the solution over the syrup on the white carpet.

Let the stain remover solution dissolve for a few minutes. The sugar ingredients will eventually come up. Just rinse the area with a soft cloth and cold water. Dry it, and you’ll end up removing syrup from the carpets.


Only white carpets are assigned to be cleaned with rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide solution.

Vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is a very efficient device used to remove any kind of stain from a carpet. This time, we’ll be using it to remove the syrup from the rug.

The vacuum cleaner as a whole won’t work alone. You can implement the vacuum cleaner in giving a boost to the other procedures. Like using ammonia or rubbing alcohol, or vinegar, you can use the vacuum cleaner to make the stained area lighter.

This will allow the ingredients to function more accurately and correctly. If you still wonder how to clean syrup off the carpet, the vacuum can be efficient enough. Just water rubbing over the region after vacuuming will serve your purpose.

get syrup out of carpet with vacuum cleaner

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an ideal homemade carpet cleaning solution for removing syrup?

Since detergent is quite available at every house, a solution to this with water can be quite useful. A vinegar solution is also an ideal one to implement for removing syrups from carpets.

2. Can rub alcohol clean bed bugs or insects?

Isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol can be efficient in cleaning bed bugs. Also, it restrains the bugs to further mutate and lay eggs too.

3. Can baking soda change the color of your carpet?

As baking soda is a potent agent, it can remove or fade the colors of your carpet. It works very efficiently in removing the most robust stains from the carpet. By doing so, it, at times, fades or removes the initial color of the rug.

4. Are rubbing alcohol and iso-propyl alcohol the same?

Rubbing alcohol is a solution of 68-72% isopropyl alcohol. The additives of rubbing alcohol are not compatible with human consumption.

5. Can you use Dettol to clean syrup from the carpet?

Dettol can be used to clean the syrup from the carpet. It is considered to be the right dishwasher at home. Also, it has iso-propyl alcohol in it. So, you can use it without worrying much.

Final Words

Getting syrup off your carpet is not a difficult thing now. Just after implying the techniques we have mentioned, you are getting relieved from the syrup’s disturbing situation. Our team, as well as the users, have expressed their affirmation of the techniques.

The most suitable and adjustable methods on how to remove syrup out of carpet have been discussed. No doubt or allegations should be there on the methods and techniques they are already the proven ones.