How to Get Spray Paint Out of Carpet – An In-Depth Guideline

Aerosol or spray paint is excellent when it comes to remodeling your home or furniture. It quickly adds an even and polished layer on walls or furniture and gives them a fresh look. However, sometimes it can be messy if you unwillingly drop spray paints or even dry and black paints on carpets while performing the paint works.

Since carpets are often a luxury item, you would want to keep it in tiptop state. Therefore, you would probably want to know how to get spray paint out of carpet dedicatedly.

So, we have covered the topic in detail plus how to get dried paint out of carpet too. But we won’t stop here.

We have also included a spray paint removal process from your car carpet and so on.

How to Get Spray Paint Out of Carpet

When it comes to the removal of carpet spray paint, you can follow multiple methods for the purpose. Luckily, we have found some particular yet straightforward ways to keep the spray paint at bay from your favorite carpet area.

Prevention is the key:

We all profoundly know that prevention is better than cure, right? Well, the saying goes perfectly when it comes to avoiding paint overspray on carpet.

Are you wondering how to prevent carpet paint from over spraying?

Stop your brainwork and read the following tips.

Well, it starts with the preparation of the area where you will be spray painting. It is strongly recommended that you find a well-ventilated space for spray paint. Also, use small amounts of spray for a single session of art to avoid overspray.

Also, if you are painting interior walls or furniture inside, we recommend you to take help from a masking or standard measuring tape. Wrap the tape around the walls or furniture right underneath where the floor starts.

It will prevent the spills of overspray from dripping down to your floor or carpet. Also, you may wrap the rug while you perform the spraying work.

Next advice is a game-changer in knowing how to remove paint from carpet. Yes, you should spray at least 6” to 8” away from the paint material to stop dripping and allow the paint set easily on the wall. It also helps you get an even coating for the wall.

Best Way to Get Spray Paint Out of Carpet

It may well happen that even after your final preparation and cautions are taken, spray paint or aerosol will make the carpet dirty. But don’t worry.

It is still removable if you work fast. The following materials are suitable to remove spray paints on the carpet and are easily gettable.

1. Paint Thinner:

Almost every paint worker is familiar with the paint thinner. It is a chemical solvent, and it is used widely to thin oil-based paints. Also, it is recommended to remove overspray after usage.

The paint thinner is inexpensive and the easiest way to remove paint on carpet. Just pour some paint thinner on a clean towel or a cotton cloth and blot it right on the stained area. Also, you should blot the paint thinner gently.

If you press it too hard against the carpet, the spray will spread more, resulting in a costly carpet change or sending it for professional carpet cleaning.  Start blotting from the outside and slowly move towards the center until the stain removes.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide:

If you have to remove dry spray from the carpet, hydrogen peroxide can be a real solution for you. It can quickly remove all traces from the carpet within the shortest possible time.  The use of hydrogen peroxide is also similar to that of paint thinner.

Select a piece of clean cloth and pour a quart of the solution on it. Then use the dampened cloth to blot the spray area. Do it slowly so that the dry spray comes out of the carpet.

Once finished, you can also use the hydrogen peroxide for the 2nd time for a smooth finish as well.

3. Rinse and Scrape:

Sometimes water-based paint spray may get dried up on the carpet if you fail to remove it on time. Things can messy at such times.

So what do you do then?

Well, don’t worry.

You can use the scrape and rinse method for such a dried spray removal process. For this, how to get paint out of carpet procedure, you need to start with the scrapping.

Use a clean brush with hard bristles to slowly scrape off the dried paint. Then dampen the fresh piece of cloth with soap and water. You can use a bowl to create a soapy solution.

Then drip the clean cloth in it and blot the area with the dampened soapy cloth. Likewise, every element used here, blot from side to center with slowness on the blotting procedure. Then wait for a few brief moments to let the soapy water work on the stains.

After that, once again, use the hard bristle brush to rinse the area. If the stain still occupies the space, pour a few drops of liquid detergent on the carpet and brush it once again.

The dried paint should go with ease.

4. Turpentine

Turpentine is used to remove wet paints from a water-based paint spray. However, it works only if the spray paint is moist and hasn’t started forming into a dry and solid-state.

You need to mix soapy solution and oil. Make sure that the solution isn’t very thick. Then with the help of a clean piece of cloth, blot the painted area with the solution. Then you may use a bristle brush to wipe off the wet spray.

5. Dishwashing Soap:

If you have overspray-ed the carpet with latex paint, we recommend you use a dishwashing soap solution for it.

Dishwashing soap has little effect on the carpet fabr5ic but effectively reduces the integration of the grease. This way, it can easily remove latex paint from a carpet and help you maintain an aesthetic around you.

How to Get Black Spray Paint Out of Carpet

Sometimes you may accidentally pour black spray on the carpet. At that time, you may get worried about how to remove paint overspray from carpet.

Don’t worry.

You can easily adept all of the materials mentioned above and ways to wipe out the black paint spray from the carpet.  Isn’t it nice?

How to Get Paint Out of Car Carpet

A car is almost a daily essential for every family, and the car carpet adds aesthetics and comfort within the car interior. However, when you spray paint the car exterior, sometimes accidentally, a few spills of paint may fall on the carpet.

You then need to act fast and quick for it. You can opt for the paint thinner for it or also hydrogen peroxide if the paint spray is still wet. Simply follow the steps described in our section, as mentioned earlier, and get the job done.

However, if the paint has dried up, we strongly recommend you to apply process number three for it. People worldwide use the rinse and scrape method to remove dry colors from car carpets.

Also, if you have used latex paint, you should opt for the process number five from our suggestions above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rub alcohol to remove carpet paint?

Ans. Yes, you can ardently use the rubbing alcohol to remove the acrylic spray paint from the carpet. For this, you need to soak the acrylic spray area with the rubbing alcohol entirely. Then you need to wait for a few minutes to let the alcohol break down the acrylic formula, and then you can wipe it using clean clothing.

How do I remove dried paint from the car carpet?

Ans. At first, use a knife to slowly but carefully scrape off the dried paint from the carpet as much as possible. Then use a soapy water solution to dampen the area and wait for a few minutes to soften the dried paint. Then use a hard bristle brush to rinse the softened paint to get rid of it quickly.


We have seen people getting panicked whenever they spill or overspray the carpet. And then use inappropriate methods to wipe it off, which eventually hurts the rug.

Therefore, knowing these guidelines on how to get spray paint out of carpet will surely come helpful for everyone, especially if you are a DIY painter. Also, homeowners can use the formulae to remove spray paint stains from interior and car carpet with ease.

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