How to Get Oil Based Paint Out of Carpet

From the north to the south and from the east to the west, oil paint is leagues ahead in popularity for home paint projects. It quickly transforms an old and dull-looking home interior into a beautiful and new aesthetics.

However, when you unwillingly spill of oil paint on carpet during the paint projects, it’s not a happy sight. So, what do you do then?

Simple- remove oil stain with oil stains removal.

But do you know the procedure?

If not, then read the following guideline on how to get oil based paint out of carpet. We have included the paint removal process for oil paint, water-based paint, acrylic, and many more.

So, what’s your thought?

What is An Oil Based Paint?

An oil-based paint commonly refers to colors made with oil solvent as a base. It is often an organic solvent, and mostly, it is the mineral turpentine. Some people call it enamel paint.

The water-based paint is made of thin watery material as the base and popularly known as acrylic paint. It is in the same league of popularity compared to oil-based paints.

How to Get Oil Based Paint Out of Carpet

Oil painting is fun until you end up spilling it on your carpet and upholstery. When you do so, your best solution is to remove oil stain from the surface.

You can opt for various chemicals and equipment for the stain removal procedure. We have included the most reliable and easy-going items in the following guideline on how to get oil based stain out of carpet.

List of The Water-Based and Oil Stain Removers

Before you can proceed to the actual oil paint cleaning procedure, you need to have a clear idea of the different types of oil paint removal and when to use them.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing or isopropyl alcohol is the most widely used stain and paint removal chemical at present. You will find it in grocery shops. However, you shouldn’t dilute the oil stains removal before using it.

Citrus Solvent

Another unique item for the oil stain remove process is the citrus solvent. You will get it in the grocery shops and won’t need to dilute it either.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Professional carpet cleaners use hydrogen peroxide to remove the toughest stains from carpets and upholstery. So, you should realize how powerful it is.

You will get in grocery or hardware shops. It should contain an optimal level of 3% H2O2 and needs to be mixed with cold water for the best effect. It can quickly remove both acrylic and enamel paint stains from any surface.


Vinegar is only used for removing light paint stains. However, the effectiveness of vinegar on dried oil paint stain is of little use for you.

Dry Cleaning Solution

The dry-cleaning solvent is a commercially available cleaning agent for stain removals from a wide range of surfaces, including carpet, upholstery, wooden floor, and many more. Make sure that the cleaning solvent is combustible to avoid any undue risks.


Turpentine is like a two-way sword. On one side, it is the base of oil paints, and on the other hand, it is used to clean the oil-based stains as well. Hence, it is a fantastic ingredient to have in your inventory.

Detergent and Soapy Water

The last ingredient in our list of how to get paint out of carpet is a readily available solution in every home. Yes, you can use detergent, liquid dishwashing soap or soapy water to remove water and oil-based paint stains from any surface including carpets.

Step by Step Guideline on How to Clean Oil Based Paint Out of Carpet

Once you are ready with the right ingredients to remove oil stain from carpet, you can proceed to the removal steps.

  1. Scrape up the excess paint using a spool. You may start working from the edge and reach the center.
  2. Then use the vacuum cleaner to blot up the excess paint.
  3. First, start the stain removal with the rubbing alcohol or citrus solvent. Alternatively, you can opt for the vinegar or dry cleaning solvent too.
  4. In the majority of cases, the oil-based paint should wipe out from the carpet when you use any of these oil paint removal agents. However, rarely you may find some stains still on the rug.
  5. If this is a similar case, you can check the liquid detergent solution on the excess stain. Let it soak the carpet for at least 5-minutes and use a cloth to wipe off the rug.
  6. After that, see the result and proceed to the next step further. (The next step is only if you still see oil paint stain on the rug).
  7. Use hydrogen peroxide or ammonia or turpentine, according to our guidelines mentioned above, to quickly get rid of the toughest stains from the carpet.
  8. Once the oil stain removal has finished off, eliminating the stain forever, rinse the surface with a hard bristle brush.
  9. Then air-dry the carpet and use it as you did before.

How to Get Oil Based Gloss Paint Out of Carpet

If you want to remove oil-based gloss paint out of the carpet, you may adept at a slightly different technique. You will need to cleverly use white spirit or rubbing alcohol for the procedure along with mineral turpentine.

The process includes:

  1. Use a putty knife to scrape and scoop the excess paint from the carpet. The putty knife works fine when the paint is fresh. If it has dried up already, put a cotton cloth on it, and iron it to turn it onto liquidity. Then scoop it.
  2. Using iron is a risky method. So, alternatively, you can use ice cubes to freeze and scoop the dried paint.
  3. After that, you need to remove the remaining stains from the carpet. Use mineral turpentine or white spirit for the stain removal step. Spill a few drops of the liquid on the stain and use a hard bristle brush to wipe out the stain.
  4. Lastly, sprinkle a few pinches of baking soda on the surface to soak the paint odor.

How to Get Oil Paint Out of Carpet Without Turpentine

Sometimes turpentine may not be readily available at home for paint stain removal procedure. Then you may want an alternative to get rid of the paint from the carpet.

In this case, we recommend you using hydrogen peroxide for the best effect. Nonetheless, you can use rubbing alcohol or other ingredients listed above. All other cleaning procedure remains the same for the elements mentioned above.

How to Get Water-Based Paint Out of Carpet

At times you may have used water-based or acrylic paint for interior walls, and it has left stains over the carpet. And now you truly and ardently want to get rid of the water-based paint out of the rug.

Well, you need not guesswork for it.

Be glad to dedicatedly know that all of the oil stain remover mentioned above will work for acrylic paints also. Moreover, you won’t have to use different steps either as the paint stain removing procedure for the water-based ones is similar to the enamel paints.

Isn’t it great, buddy?

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Goo Gone remove oil based paint?

Ans. Goo Gone is a powerful adhesive remover formulated from citrus solvent. So, it works great on a variety of surfaces to remove wax, stickers, crayon, permanent marker, and so on. You can use it to remove both oil-based and latex paint from the surface when the stain is fresh and new. It won’t harm the carpet thanks to its less acidic formulation.

How to get finger paint out of carpet?

Ans. If you have kids at home, there’s a high chance of the finger painting your wall or carpet. While you shouldn’t stop their creativity from flourishing, you should remove the finger paint for aesthetics at home inside. You can ardently use a putty knife to scrape off the fresh paint. Also, you can use liquid detergent with lukewarm water to remove the paint.


A carpet or upholstery is a tremendous aesthetical addition to your home. So, it’s a must to keep it in tiptop condition under every condition. Unfortunately, when you remodel your home paint, these beautiful carpets may get stained with oil paints.

If such us the case, follow our straightforward guideline on how to get oil based paint out of carpet. We have chosen multiple stain removal ingredients for the purpose. So, you won’t feel the lack of proper oil paint removal solution and technique once you read the article.