10 Easy Steps of How to Get Hair Out of Carpet in 2022

Most of the time, you get to see hairs being stuck in the carpet. Hair-fall, as well as external dust carrying human hair, might be a reason for it. This, at times, makes you overthink, “How to get the hair out of carpet?”

The problem is no longer a severe issue when our expert team is here. Our team researched a lot and did many experiments. The convincing and proven one stood out to be the most convenient method for removing hair from carpets.

Certain carpet rakes and regular brooms or rubber brooms are available in the market that can remove hair from the carpet. Squeegee becomes a good alternative which at times can be used with fabric softener or soda.

Besides that, a sponge can be a great medium for removing stubborn hair. You can also make a DIY sticky brush roll all by yourself at home to remove a box of hair. Don’t forget vacuum or steam cleaners to use if they are available too.

Nonetheless, there are lots of hair removal methods that can easily be implemented to get pet hair out of the carpet. Some might be tough or require much effort. A hair removal tool or a simple tool also boosts your acceleration towards your goal. But in the end, you are confident to get your result done convincingly.

How to get the hair out of the carpet

After trying many efforts, our experts concluded with some feasible methods of removing hair from carpet. They are really easy to implement. Also, you get to spend less effort on your expensive carpet. Let’s see the methods:

Carpet rake

Carpet rakes are pretty much similar to rubber brooms. It is a convenient cat hair remover that tends to go deeper and extract or remove any ingredients or Loose Hair. Whether it’s a carpet or a mat, a rubber rake can be really useful.

For removing embedded hair from the carpet, the rubber rake can be effective. Their thin and long bristles and metal needles can remove the hair easily.

Be it pet fur or long hair, you can easily remove them from your carpet using the rubber rake. Just sweep it over the carpet with its long handle. The rake will go deep inside the carpet fibers and will stick the hairs. With every swipe, you get to collect the hair from the carpet.

Now and then, this is also working as a carpet rake for human hair. It will ease your way of cleaning the carpets efficiently. It is just like a carpet brush with no side effects. Use it manually to get rid of all the hairs on your carpet.

Rubber dog grooming brush

The rubber dog grooming brush is a common component for short-haired dogs or pet owners to remove hair from the carpet. More or less, many people use it for the usual carpet cleaning.

Take 2-pack large cleaning brushes.  When your target is to get a convincing brushing and remove excess dog hair from your carpet, this grooming brush can be beneficial. You get to custom brush your brushing to remove the stubborn dog hairs.

Apart from that, deep brushing can be done according to your desire. Whenever you feel it is required, you can do it according to your desire. The spikes of the bristle brush head will grab the hairs or loosen them from the carpet.

With every brushing, you will get sufficient hair to remove from the carpet. The brush attachment gives you all the facilities to clean all the hairs or cat hair from your carpet.

Don’t overdo the brushing heavily. It will damage the fibers of your carpet. Even, the fibers might dislocate from the carpet.

get hair out of carpet with rubber dog grooming brush

Rubber broom

The rubber broom is a simple carpet cleaner. It is a broom that is fully made up of rubber bristles. The long stripes of the broom are a pretty effective pet hair removal method.

You can use the rubber broom pretty easily. Just swipe it like the stiff-bristled brush over the carpet. It will tangle with the hairs on/on the carpet. Using the brush on the furniture will be equally effective

The best it can do is to dislocate the hairs from the carpet.  The rest have to be done by you. It is better to use a dustpan to manually remove the hair with a soft bristles brush or hand.

You can also complete certain types of hair removal with your regular broom. The cost of the tool is pretty decent too. Not much effort is required in implementing the procedure. You won’t have to ponder over how to get the hair out of carpet in the car using the rubber broom.


Using a pair of rubber squeegees is an easy and convenient way to get rid of hair from your carpet. Also, it is a very effective one. The procedure of using it and implying it is pretty straightforward.

As the size of the scrub brush squeegee is not big, you won’t have to handle it with many complications. Just drag it over the carpet. The stiff hair will surely get stuck in clumps of the squeegee edge.

Remove the hair manually from the squeegee and continue the further cleanings. You might need some elbow grease as well. A squeegee is also an effective tool for spot cleaning of balls of hair or a bunch of hair. All the traits to get an instant result are included in the squeegee.

You should keep in mind to use the window squeegee for carpets, not rugs. The thing is perfect to get dog hair out of the carpet. If you are planning to clean a large area with it, you might not get the desired result with this carpet cleaner.

Vacuum cleaner

One of the easiest and simplest carpet hair removers is the regular vacuum cleaner. You might not get any other convenient medium to get hairs out of the carpet with static electricity like the vacuum cleaner.

The steam cleaning provided by the vacuum is considered to be a crucial one. Dragging it over the carpet with its brush tools will remove all the hairs from it.  For that, you need to attach the brush tool attachments well on it. Besides, the powerful vacuum also assures you get perfect hair removal from your carpet.

With a traditional vacuum cleaner, you are getting sufficient hair removal from your carpet, be it pet’s hair, especially cat hair or normal hair. More or less, you are saving a lot of effort by making the operation done by the vacuum cleaner.

The accuracy of getting the job done with the regular vacuum cleaner high. You can cope with the vacuum cleaner easily. Also, the traditional vacuum cleaner will be suitable for your regular carpet cleanings too. Many professional carpet cleaners

get hair out of carpet with vacuum cleaner

Fabric softener

A fabric softener solution is effective to ease your cleanings. It works so nicely that you’ll be able to clean your carpet or softener pretty easily.

Just like other fabrics or relevant things, the carpets also benefited from the fabric softener. It eases the fibers of the carpet to become soft. You’ll no longer need to worry about how to get dog hair out of car carpet.

To remove hair from the carpet, you’ll need to keep the fabric softener in a spray bottle. Spray it over the carpet in small regions. Mist the region until it becomes damp.

Take a brush or squeegee to brush it over the region. As the fibers soften and spread, you can easily remove the hairs in between the fibers of the carpet. Brush the areas more where it requires to be.

In case the hair is pretty much in number, use a vacuum cleaner instead of the squeegee. The strong extraction will extract the strongest of the hair clumps pretty easily.

Overall, the fabric softener is a great medium or liquid to remove hair from your carpet. Use it properly and maintain your carpet perfectly.

DIY Sticky Roller

You can easily make a DIY sticky brush roller. Just take a painting roller and wrap it up with thick double-sided duct tape. The preparation is done with that simplicity.

Take the DIY Sticky brush roll and roll it over your carpet region. The hair in carpets will get stuck easily on the stiff-bristled brush of the roller. You might need to roll multiple times for perfection.

As soon as you collect many visible hairs, cut that side of the roller manually. Or else, the perfection of removing the hair won’t be met.

Making these stiff-bristled brushes is one of the easiest things to do for removing the hairs from the carpet. This makes you get hair glue out of carpet.

Rubber Gloves & Rubber Shoes:

A latex glove or household rubber glove and rubber shoe that works efficiently as a carpet hair remover. These can function well in removing hairs from the carpets too.

To use them as cat hair remover, you need to have soda. Sprinkling the soda on the carpet will assure you to get rid of the stray hairs and pesky hair in the first place. Then, your hand will become stickier to get in contact with the hair.

After you sprinkle the soda on the specific area, operate your hand or rubber soles of your shoe in cleaning it. The rubber hand will be ideal for removing the cat sheds from the carpet. Brush it manually with stiff bristles and get as much hair as you can.

When you are done removing the animal hair or black hair, clean the area of the carpet with normal water. You can rinse it in a cloth and clean the area firmly. Let the carpet dry and you’ll be able to use it casually. You can use a grooming glove as well for this purpose.

After removing the hairs, you need to clean your gloves. Soak it in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. You’ll see the hair getting rid of the gloves. After complete removal of the hair from the gloves, keep it dry.

get hair out of carpet with gloves

Sponge Mops and Vacuum cleaner

You can easily get access to sponge mops with lukewarm water at your house. Other than using it for dishwashing or other cleanings, we’ll be using it as a cat hair remover.

Among the wet cleaning methods, this is the easiest one. Just vacuum the carpet thoroughly. The fibers will get softened and pretty much feasible for the hairs to move away. At that point, mop the sponge lightly over the carpet. Move the hair gently from the carpet.

The sponge will stick to the hairs. If you see some hairs remaining, move them with your regular broom. You got to do it manually because most of the removal will be done by the vacuum cleaner.


The humidifier works efficiently like a fabric softener. The smell it has will surely make a good impression on your house.

Rubbing the humidifier on the carpet will soften the fibers. The long-haired resident will be quite visible with the drops of fabric and you can easily get rid of them with components like a squeegee or brush.

No need to clean the humidifier. The smell of it will enlighten your mood and room pretty nicely. Using the baking soda method as the main medium for the whole method will also serve great.


Mostly used for decorative purposes, the balloons can be beneficial to remove black hair from your carpet.  Just use it as a normal swipe and get your hair removed fast.

Fill up the balloon with soiled components. Rub your carpet with the thing. It will attract stiff hair from the carpet. As such, you’ll be able to get rid of the hair quite easily.

The method is pretty suitable to be stated as pet hair removal methods. Areas with a heavy accumulation of hair can be loosened with it. Cat and dog owners can easily be benefitted from this.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What’s the quickest way to get the hair out of the carpet?

Using fabric softener and operating with squeegee or rubber gloves with lukewarm water will get the hair out of the carpet easily and quickly. Vacuum cleaners will also work fast, but might not be that much available as the fabric softener.

2. Are the carpet rakes worthy?

Carpet rakes at times extract the hair better than the vacuum cleaner. They can go deep inside the carpet or rugs and work accordingly.

3. Will regular vacuum destroy your carpet?

Vacuuming your carpet twice a week will be effective. It can get the hair and will restrain it to settle furthermore in the carpet within that Period.

4. What are the best ways to get pet hair out of the carpet?

The methods that are implemented to remove hair out of carpet can be the same thing to implement to remove pet hair out of the carpet. You can also use baking soda for the purpose in addition to the methods we discussed.

5. Does a steam cleaner destroy a carpet?

If the water pressure is not high and the equipment is not broken or faulty, the steam cleaner will not damage your carpet. You should also consider the technician or the cleaner to be an expert on the steam cleaner.

Final words

It is quite obvious now that you understand the easy techniques of how to get the hair out of the carpet. Some of the best and convenient techniques have been discussed in the article.

Most of the components used for the operation are easily available at every house. So basically, you won’t have to worry much about them. Also, the efforts wasted should not be much severe.

All you have to care about is being conscious while doing the work. Don’t do anything that’ll destroy the carpet. Or else, it might cost you a lot. Till then, implement the hacks to get hair out of carpet and happy cleaning!