5 Amazing Tips on How to Get Hair Dye Out of Carpet in 2022

When a drop or more hair dye drops on your carpet, it certainly creates a mess on it. The look of the carpet gets hampered. Color becomes faded and you feel uncomfortable walking over it.

Under such circumstances, you should know How to get hair dye stains out of the carpet simply and quickly. Without that, you might end up losing the carpet forever.

There are certain elements and commodities used for removing the hair dye from the carpet. Most commonly, white vinegar is vastly used. Apart from that, you can use the household detergent for the purpose too. Many ingredients like hair spray, baby shampoo, and astringents also play a good role in removing the hair dye.

Whatever method you apply, you have to be sincere about that. The methods being pretty complicated, we have gathered the proper steps in implementing them.

The article contains a brief discussion to get permanent hair dye out of the carpet with easy and simple methods. You’ll get to know them easily and quickly right by our presentation.

How to get hair dye out of carpet

After certain experiments and research, our expert team finally succeeded in finding the best solution for removing hair dye from the carpet.  You might need to collect some of the essentials from outside. The rest are easily available at home for daily needs.

Let’s see a complete guide on our researches and successful experiments. We’ll be stating them in a step manner with the required essentials.

Using Soap, Vinegar, and Rubbing Alcohol

More or less, soap is quite available in every house. Most importantly, we’ll be using the dishwashing soap that is daily used in every house. Extra vinegar, which is pretty reactive, will boost the cleaning.

Rubbing or isopropyl alcohol is one of the best media that acts as a catalyst in many removals or cleanings. We’ll mix it here. Let’s start the task.

get hair dye out of carpet with soap, vinegar and rubbing alcohol

Step 1: Take a large bowl or pot. Pour 2 cups of warm water in it along with 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. Also, add one tablespoon white vinegar and mix the whole mixture firmly to make a cleaning solution.

Step 2: Take a clean cloth and immerse it in the cleaning solution. Take it out and wring the cloth properly to avoid any kind of saturation on the carpet. Apply the rubbing alcohol over the carpet area to loosen the fiber. If the fiber is already loosening, no need to apply it.

Step 3: Press the cloth gently over the stubborn stains. It will assure the solution to go deeper inside the carpet fibers conveniently.

Step 4: After pouring the solution inside the carpet region, blot the whole area with a dry cloth. You’ll see some dye being absorbed and coming to the cloth. Keep on performing the task until the dye stain comes out of the carpet completely.

Step 5: After removing the stain completely, blot the whole area with a clean sponge with water. After blotting the entire area, clean it with a dry cloth. Remove the water from the carpet.

Continue the process until the stain is completely removed. You have to do the task with the proper patient. Improper steps will not lead to the perfect cleaning of your hair dye on the carpet.


Vinegar is pretty dangerous for carpets made up of wool, silk, and other natural fibers. It can permanently ruin or damage your carpet.

Using ammonia

Ammonia is one of the effective carpet cleaners. So far, it has worked well for carpets in removing many things from them. According to our experiments, it stood out to be an amazing agent for hair dye removal from carpet.

Without any further explanation, let’s proceed to the preparation steps.

Step 1: Take a bowl and pour 2 cups of lukewarm water into it. Mix 1 tablespoon of dish soap and 1 tablespoon of ammonia in it and make an ammonia cleaning solution. Make proper ventilation of air inside the cleaning environment. Use the fan or open the door and window.

Step 2: Put on a glove before proceeding to the next step. Take a clean cloth and dip it inside the ammonia cleaning solution. After wringing it out, press it on the hair dye region firmly. Cover the full surface as much as you can.

Step 3: Keep the solution at rest for about 30 minutes. It will allow the solution to go deep inside the fibers and work significantly. You can set a timer for that period. Within that period, keep any children or pets away from the area.

Step 4: After the time is over, take a sponge and dip it in the ammonia solution. Dab the sponge on the area and let it sink for another 5 minutes this time. You’ll see the stains coming out more on the sponge. Remove it accordingly with the procedure.

Step 5: Once the whole stain is removed, pour some water over the carpet. Take a cloth and rinse the area firmly. After that, keep the carpet dry for around 24 hours under the sun or in your house.

After removing the dye successfully, you are completely done performing the process. If you still notice any stain or dye over the region, clean it with the ammonia solution repeating the entire process.


Ammonia is a dangerous ingredient for wool carpets. Avoid using ammonia-based cleaning solutions on a wool carpet or rugs.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a weak acid that is also a great source of the cleaning agent. Like many other chemical components, it works efficiently in removing tough stains.

We’ll be using its removal ability in removing the hair dye from the carpet. The procedure is pretty easy and less complicated. But it’ll surely cost you some time. Let’s reveal the process of performing the task.

Step 1: This time, there won’t be any water usage in the first step. Directly apply drops of hydrogen peroxide solution to the stained area. Use an eyedropper to drop the hydrogen peroxide on it. If an eyedropper is not available, use a tablespoon instead.

Step 2: Without any more steps, let the carpet dry for 24 hours at least. The hydrogen peroxide will work in it by entering the fibers of the carpet. Keep children or any pet aloof from the region.

Step 3: When the drying is completed within the period, blot the hydrogen peroxide out with water. Take a wet sponge and gently press it on the spot. You’ll see the stains getting removed from the carpet slowly. Repeat the steps until the stains disappear completely.

Step 4: Let the spot dry under the air. The whole area will look clean and fresh then.

Step 5: The ammonia will fade the carpet color if used harshly. So better color the region with a similar color to the carpet. Dry it for another 24 hours before using it firmly.


Hydrogen peroxide can damage the color of your carpet. It is ideal to use this cleaning method with white carpet.

Using Hair Spray, Astringent

There are certain possibilities that a hair spray can settle on your carpet without your notice. This can stay for a long time and get inside the deepest of the fibers. Ever wondered how to get old hair dye stain out of a carpet?

In this case, a hair spray can be pretty beneficial along with astringent. You can perform the task with some easy and simple instructions.

Step 1: Take the hair spray and spray it over the spot. Let it settle for around 5 minutes.

Step 2: After the time, soak a clean cloth in water. Wringing it properly, rinse it over the spot slowly.

Step 3: Take the astringent and spray or squirt it over the area to make it damp. Let it settle for 5 minutes. Rinse the area again with cold water on a clean cloth. Repeat the process until the stain completely comes out from the carpet.


 The astringent solution can bleach your carpet. Make sure to check its solubility first. The same goes for acetone in hair products. The color of your carpet might be faded due to its acetone.

Using baby shampoo Products

The baby shampoo has all the capabilities of softening the fibers of your carpet. It is an effective medium to remove the old hair dye from the carpet.

If the dye in the carpet is water-soluble, then you can use the baby shampoo to rip it out. The process is simple and the method is highly effective.

Just sprinkle the water over the stain and apply the shampoo to it. Rub the area with a clean cloth. The dye (if) soluble with water will start to come out gently. You’ll see the cloth diminishing the stain. Continue it until you are done removing the dye from the carpet.

After cold water rinses and allows the place to dry. After the excess water is dried completely, you are ready to use your carpet normally.

get hair dye out of carpet with baby shampoo products

Frequently Asked Question

1. Does peroxide take the color out of the carpet?

Using more than 6 percent solution of Hydrogen peroxide on a carpet can bleach out the color dyes of the carpet. It is recommended to use a 3 percent solution while using it for the purpose.

2. What is the best homemade hair dye remover from the carpet?

Vinegar with additives and clean water is the best homemade hair dye remover from the carpet. It is recommended to use it in a precise amount as vinegar might fade your carpet.

3. Is laundry detergent safe in the carpet shampooer?

Laundry detergent is safe for use in the carpet shampooer. It is equivalent to dishwashing soap and functions equally in removing hair from the carpet.

4. Is OxiClean safe for carpets?

Oxiclean is a great carpet stain remover. It causes no damage to your carpet and also is safe for antique carpets.

5. How long should you leave baking soda on the carpet?

On average, it is permissible to keep the baking soda for around 15 minutes on the carpet. Keeping it for a longer period will damage the texture of the carpet.

Final Words

Removing the hair dye from your carpet is not a big deal now. Just whenever you face the issue, work on it with the components we have prescribed. Get with the easiest and convenient one that is available to your hand.

But you have to be cautious regarding the carpet. Don’t end up damaging the texture of the carpet by removing the hair dye from it. So, work accordingly after identifying the carpet quality.

Nevertheless, we have shared the best methods to remove hair dye from a carpet. These carpet cleaning methods are proven by our experts as well as many users. So you can keep your trust in it without worrying much and take your cleaning to the next level and get your carpets cleaned like a professional cleaner.