10 Essential Tips on How to Get Dog Hair Out of Car

Although the dogs are beautiful and loyal, their hairs in the car aren’t attractive. Especially if your dog sheds too much hair, it can often be found on the car seats, vents, car headliners, and where not! When it happens, soon, your BFF can transform into discomfort for you.

Almost all dog owners know how difficult it is to remove dog hair from car. So, many people keep asking us, “How to get dog hair out of car?”

So, for all car owners’ convenience, we are presenting the top ten hacks to get dog hair out of car. But we won’t be stopping here. We have also included tips on preventing pet hair from getting into the vehicle as well as pet hair remover tips from car vents and car headliner.

So, are you up for it?

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Car

When you see dog hair stuck in car seat, it becomes really uncomfortable. Not only it destroys the car interior beauty, but also it causes allergic symptoms to humans, especially to kids. Hence, we are describing the top ten most useful tips on dog hair remover for cars.

Tips 1: Use A Specialized Vacuum Cleaner

Let’s admit it, all types of home and car cleaning kick off with the use of a vacuum cleaner. Although a vacuum cleaner may seem a simple tool, it goes a long way to clean the majority of pet hairs from the car seats, carpet, and other places.

You can invest in a compact and handheld vacuum cleaner for the purpose. Also, these handheld vacuums are the fastest and easiest alternative to remove the most visible hairs from the car inside. The steps may include:

  • Inspect the amount of hair you will have to deal with the vacuum cleaner. It will help you know how much force you will have to put on the cleaning tool.
  • Turn on the tool and perform a quick cleaning of the car inside. This way, you will get rid of the most visible and loose dog hairs from the seats, carpets, and other spaces.
  • After that, find a bristle vacuum attachment and install it with the vacuum cleaner. As you brush off the seats and carpets inside the car, the tough bristles will quickly dislodge all stubborn pet hairs. It will, thus, remove all stuck hair from the car interior mostly.
  • All the hair follicles will accumulate in the disposal bag or can of the vacuum cleaner. Throw them into the trash bin as soon as possible. It ensures hygienic cleaning.

Note: Handheld vacuum cleaners are the most effective for such types of dog hair remover from car. Also, these tools are easy to maneuver, which is a big bonus.

Tips 2: Using Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves have been a popular manual pet hair remover tool from car interior and upholstery from time immemorial. Partly because the household cleaning gloves are affordable, and partly these wipe off most hair sheds with ease.

However, don’t use the pair of gloves used to clean the toilet and basin. When you choose rubber gloves to remove pet hair from the car, check and ensure that there are nubs on the palm of the rubber gloves. If you don’t have budget issues, we recommend you using latex gloves for it.

Alternatively, if you have allergic complications, you may use the Nitrile gloves too. The process includes:

  • When you wear gloves, check its dryness. The pair of gloves should be dry to remove most hairs from the car inside.
  • Run your gloved hands over the car carpets, seats, and other parts where your hand reaches without much trouble.
  • In this way, sweep the car from top to bottom. Also, move your hand in one direction always instead of moving it abruptly.
  • Sometimes, the dry gloves may not provide you a satisfactory result. Don’t get frustrated at such times. We suggest you dampen the pair of gloves and repeat the hair removal process by sweeping your hands inside the car.
  • The water will add moisture in the gloves, and it will make the hairs weighty too. Weighty hairs will easily clump. If you can perform the pet hair removal procedure correctly, most dog hair should be removed from the car seats and carpets.

Tips 3: Using A Sponge

Sometimes you may not have a pair of gloves readily available at home. So, what do you then? Well, you can alternatively use a piece of waste cloth or sponge to remove dog hair from the car inside. Also, it is a cost-cutting alternative to gloves.

The process of using the sponge or waste cloth remains the same as rubber gloves. Just drip the sponge on water and run it on the seats and carpets. The water will clump the water follicles and make it easy to collect and dispose of the dog hairs quickly.

Tips 4: A Squeegee and Water Can Combo

The squeegee most frequently refers to a smooth and flattened rubber blade. It is helpful to control liquid flow during household cleaning. Although it appears a simple tool, it can perform a myriad of different cleaning tasks, which include hair remover for dogs from the car inside.

Luckily, the application of the water can and squeegee combination isn’t complicated. It includes:

  • Find small water can with spray wands. Then fill it up with clear water.
  • Then pour some fabric softener or liquid dishwasher on the water and stir it properly. It would help if you continued stirring until the soap mixes properly with the water.
  • Carefully spray the seats and carpets. But make sure you don’t overdo the process since pouring too much water on the seats will make them wet and unable to sit.
  • The liquid spray will clump the hair and make it easy to remove them.
  • Now, run the squeegee from top to bottom of the car carpet and seats to rinse off the liquid and collect the hair as a process.
  • As you sweep off the seats and carpets, dispose of the hair follicles in a trash can. It will prevent the hair follicles from undesirably reattaching to the car upholstery again.

Note: If you want to finish of the pet hair remover process quickly, we recommend you to brush off the hairs in one direction. One directional movement of the squeegee will collect all hair sheds appropriately with the least effort.

Tips 5: Use Duct Tape

Duct tape is almost readily available in every household. Surprisingly, it is an unconventional yet convenient method used for how to get dog hair out of a car. Whereas conventional lint liner is expensive to get rid of pet hairs from car upholstery, the duct or packing tape is a cheaper alternative.

  • Wrap the duct tape carefully around your active hand. As you wrap the tape, make sure that the adhesive part is facing outwards. One way to ensure the sticky part remains outside is to feel the hard side inwards.
  • Now slowly tap the outward of the duct tape on the car seat and carpets. The adhesive will successfully collect all the dog hairs and present you with a clean interior. What’s more, the duct tape also gathers other debris for a cleaner look.

Note: Packing tape is softer and won’t leave any spots on the car upholstery. Also, avoid using both types of tapes on leathery parts since they will leave prints on them. 

Tips 6: Use A Bristle Brush

One of the most ardent, conventional, and straightforward ways to remove pet hair from a car is the use of a bristle and lint brush. Lint brushes are softer and so work gently on the carpet. So, it won’t damage the upholstery much.

The bristle brush, however, is more effective at accumulating pet hair follicles from the car.

  • Slowly roll on the brush on every part of the car surface. It will gather all the hair sheds from the interior.
  • You will need to repeat the rolling of the bristle brush several times. Before you reapply the brush, dispose of the accumulated hairs on a trash bin. It will prevent hair from being reattached in the seats and carpet again.

Tips 7: Apply Air Compressor

The Air compressor uses the power of air to blow away the hair from the car inside. It works oppositely to the vacuum cleaner, which uses the suction power of air vacuum to gather debris. Also, the air compressor is pretty straightforward to use.

  • Held the air compressor closely to the hair of the dogs inside the car.
  • Now press and hold on the trigger until it blows away all hair from the car interior.

Note: Direct the air compressor in one direction so that the fur accumulates in one spot. Then use a sponge or brush to dispose of the accumulated fur quickly.

Tips 8: Using A Paper Towel

Almost every one of us might have a dry paper towel in our car inventory, but until now, we rarely used it. However, this will change from now since we will be suggesting you one-lifetime hack for the dry paper towel.

You can use it to quickly remove the majority of dog hair from the carpet and seats inside. The paper towel or tissue comfortably removes dog hair and dander from leather, plastic, and rubbery surfaces. But it is not much useful for carpeted floors and fabricated seats.

  • Run the paper towel or tissue over the surface of the seats and car floor. It will accumulate most of the hair with ease.
  • After gathering the hair, wrap the towel and put it aside for disposal.

Note: It is a convenient way of removing hair from the car interior and doesn’t leave any marks on the seats too.

Tips 9: Use Velcro Curlers

The use of Velcro curler is another straightforward and convenient pet hair removal tool for the car to get rid of pet hair. Velcro curlers are used to curl girls’ hair and are easy to use too.

You will only need to roll in on the seats and car floors and get rid of the dog hair instantly. However, Velcro curlers are quite severe and so, you need to be careful while working on the upholstery.

Tips 10: Use A Balloon

It is also an unconventional way of getting rid of pet hair from the car. The balloon uses static electricity to accomplish the procedure.

  • Blow the entire balloon to its entire length. Then, clamp it to prevent air escaping.
  • Now slowly rub the clamped balloon on the surface and remove the pet hair immediately.
  • Depending on the effective amount of hair you have to remove, you may have to repeat the process several times. Don’t forget to dispose of the strands every time before rolling it on the surface.

How to Keep Dog Hair Out of Car

Sometimes you may feel it tedious to remove the pet hair from the car interior. So, you can prevent dog hair from coming inside the car.

  • Grooming: Dogs usually shed hair whenever their hair is too long. The grooming partly comes from two processes, regular trimming of dog hairs and brushing off them before taking them in the car. While the trimming can be done once in every two to three months, you can brush the dog hair every day. This way, the dog hair will shed off before getting in the car, and the interior will remain clean.
  • Use pet cover: If grooming and trimming or dog hair seems tedious too, we suggest you use a pet cover inside the car. These are actually blanketing that cover the entire length of the car seat and floor to prevent hair falls on the vehicle.
  • Pet crate: Pet crate is available in different sizes, shapes, and designs to suit every car interior. Not only it stops dog hair from shedding in the car, but it also keeps them comfortable.

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Car Headliner

Sometimes your dog may scratch its head against the car headliner. Then, the headliner will get full of dog hairs and make it uncomfortable for you to lean head on it. However, you can quickly get rid of such annoyance with the use of masking tape.

Wrap the masking tape around your hand. After that, pat the hand on the headliner and collect the dog hair to get a neat and clean leaning position.

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Car Boot

Sometimes your dog may get in the car boot and make it untidy with its fallen hairs. Before you keep anything on it, you may want to remove the hairs. You can use masking tape, balloons, or any techniques that we mentioned above to remove the dog hair from the car boot.

All these techniques are inexpensive and pretty easy to apply, so you won’t feel it difficult to perform the car boot cleaning procedure.


A car is much like a second home for most people. So, naturally, you want to keep the car interior neat and clean. Also, dog owners dislike leaving away their pets while going on trips. In such cases, these ten tips on how to get dog hair out of car will come useful.

We have only handpicked those techniques which are easy to use and require a minimal investment of time and money. Also, the tips on preventing dog hair from the car help you travel with your favorite doggo and still keep the vehicle inside free of dog hair. Rejoice!