Practical Tips on How to Clean Vacuum Hose

If you want the best efficiency and long-term service from a vacuum hose, you must clean it regularly. The attached hose of the vacuum cleaner helps it reach far corners and perform effective cleaning in every household.

However, the flexibility of the hose makes the vacuum hose more prone to debris and dirt. And a dirty vacuum is neither good at cleaning nor has lasting durability. So, it is ardently essential to know how to clean vacuum hose.

And today, we are going to discuss multiple and practical tips on cleaning vacuum hose of different brands and models, including the Shark Rotator and Rainbow vacuum hose.

So, are you up for it?

Tips on How to Clean Vacuum Hose

When you clean debris and dirt in large amounts using the vacuum hose, it clogs the hose inside. As waste is blocked within the hose, the tube inside is clogged. Then air can’t pass through it properly and results in imperfect cleaning.

So, you should know how to clean out vacuum hose correctly to keep your household neat and clean every time.

You will profoundly require the following equipment for the vacuum hose cleaning:

  • A pair of scissors
  • Rubbing or isopropyl alcohol
  • Garbage bag
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Water
  • Screwdriver

The process includes:

  1. Dismantling the vacuum hose
  2. Cleaning the vacuum hose

Now, let’s see both steps.

How To Detach Vacuum Hose

The following steps will help you understand details about vacuum hose detaching. So, let’s see the step by step guideline.

Step 1: Precautions

Before you dismantle the hose from the vacuum cleaner, make sure you have switched off the power sources. It is useful to ensure safety precautions.

Step 2: Dismantling the vacuum hose parts

The vacuum will have a can or disposable bag to collect dirt, depending on the hose model. You will need to remove it by pushing the release button. It is situated right on the dirt collecting area and below the handle.

Once you have pushed the release button, then pull the attached receptacle and remove the disposal bag at first.

After that, you will require moving the filter from the cleaner. The filters are either attached by screws or latches. If it is linked with latches, you can remove it with hands. For screws, use a screwdriver. Then remove the filter. If it is us reusable, clean it, and reinstall it once you have cleaned the vacuum hose.

Finally, disengage the hose from the vacuum cleaner. To remove the hose, go sideways of the cleaner and remove the attachments carefully.

Step 3: Disengaging the vacuum bottom

The belt and brush of the vacuum cleaner are found here. To disconnect the vacuum bottom, at first, turn the vacuum cleaner upside down. Then use a screwdriver to remove the attached faceplate. Then remove the belt from the vacuum hose slot.

Once you have removed the belt from its slot, carefully remove the brush from the vacuum underneath. Sometimes, you may want to clean the bearings as well. To do so, hold one end of the cap firmly and remove the other one.  It is made possible since both caps are linked using an axle.

How To Clean Vacuum Cleaner Hose

Once you have successfully disengaged every part of the vacuum hose cleaner, it is time to clean all the parts one by one for increased cleaning performance. The steps include:

Step 1:

Empty the garbage bag or can in the trash bag. Make sure you have thrown away almost all garbage properly without making a mess. You can use a stick to remove the dirt without touching them.

Step 2:

Sometimes the brush roll or the bar of the vacuum cleaner is filled with debris and dirt. You can use a scissor to remove such entangled debris from the brush roll and clean it properly. Alternatively, you can use a ripper for it.

Step 3:

Now you will have to disinfect the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. To disinfect the vacuum bottom, rub isopropyl alcohol on it. You can use a rag or microfiber cloth to rub isopropyl alcohol underneath the vacuum cleaner.

Drip the microfiber cloth on the rubbing alcohol and slowly rub every inch of the brush roll. Alternatively, you may use a vacuum hose cleaning brush to reach all corners of the underneath brush roll at ease.

You can also effectively use the cleaning brush to scuff off other debris from the vacuum cleaner.

Step 4:

It is time to clean the canister or carbon filter of the vacuum cleaner. Use water to slowly but carefully wipe off debris from the filter. Then you can fix it in its original location.

Step 5:

Lastly, you will need to clean the lately detached hose of the vacuum cleaner. The hose cleaning procedure is relatively easy.

You may attach one end of the hose with the water tap. The turn on the water source in full force and rinse off the hose properly. You may attach a piece of clothing on the head of a long stick and wrap it using a thread.

Then push it forward inside the hose and clean the interior properly. As you move the stick forward and run water in full strength through the hose interior, it will quickly rinse off every bit of dirt from the inside.

Step 6:

Once you have dried the filters and hose appropriately, connect them one by one carefully. Your vacuum hose is cleaner properly and ready to be used with the desired efficiency.

How To Clean A Smelly Vacuum Hose

Sometimes due to debris, the vacuum hose may seem smelly, which can be real trouble for proper cleaning. However, you can quickly get rid of the issue with ease.

First off, dismantle the hose from the vacuum cleaner by following the steps described in the “how to detach vacuum hose” section.

After disengaging the hose from the vacuum cleaner, rinse it thoroughly to swipe off the smelly odor. You may use dishwashing soap (lemon flavored) to rinse off the hose inside. As you rinse the inside, the smell should go away successfully.

Alternatively, you may use bleaching power to rinse off the vacuum hose and remove the bad smell from it.

How To Clean A Clogged Vacuum Hose

If the hose inside is clogged, the vacuum cleaner will fail to wipe off dirt and debris from the floor and walls properly. The process will include:

  1. The clogging may appear at the hose head or inside the hose. Inspect it properly to find the clogging location accurately.
  2. If the block is at the head, poke it with your finger. You may wear a pair of gloves to drive and remove the elements blocking the air suspension through the hose.
  3. If the blocking element is deep inside the tube, you will need a pole of the mop to reach the parts.
  4. Use the mop pole to push the obstructing elements from the tube to the outer portion. You should put one end of the hose right on the garbage bag or trash bin. Then push away the elements using the mop pole.
  5. Be careful as you try to unclog the debris and dirt from the vacuum hose so that you don’t damage the hose.
  6. Carefully unclog the hose inside and rinse it off using bleaching powder. Once the solids are wiped off, and the hose interior is appropriately cleaned, dry it properly.
  7. Then organize all the vacuum hose cleaner parts quickly.

How To Clean Pool Vacuum Hose

A pool vacuum hose is an inseparable part of maintaining both above ground and Intex pool at every residence. However, when you clean the pool water using the pool vacuum hose, sometimes it may be clogged in with debris and dirt.

You can remove the concrete debris using a long stick. Then use the water from a tap in full force to rinse of the other junk. You may use bleaching powder to rinse off the pool vacuum hose thoroughly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently should you clean the vacuum hose?

Ans. The vacuum hose cleaning period will depend on the using frequency of the vacuum cleaner hose. If you clean the carpet daily, you may want to scuff off the hose every six months. However, if there is too much debris on the carpet or you have a pet and kids at home, the vacuum hose cleaning period may come down to 4 months.

When should I replace the hose?

Ans. If the vacuum cleaner hose is damaged so badly that you can’t repair the leaks or damages, you may want to replace the hose. Moreover, if the vacuum cleaner is working less efficiently or seems clogged or smelly, you will need to clean the vacuum cleaner hose.


The vacuum hose is an essential part of the household cleaning. However, at times, the hose may get clogged due to one reason or another and, thus, will work less efficiently. This is why it is ardently crucial to know how to clean vacuum hose properly.

While the vacuum hose cleaning procedure is pretty straightforward, we want you to go slow and be attentive during the project completion. This way, you will get rid of clogged and smelly vacuum hose and enjoy efficiency in home cleaning.

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