How to Clean Sawdust Out of Garage – 5 Effective Tips!

Whatever purpose you have for your garage, whether it’s for keeping tools, detailing your car, carpentry, or storing additional items, there’s one thing people have in common is dust. Vehicles, old furniture, gardening tools, and other items stored in the garage can quickly become covered with sawdust.

If you utilize your garage as a woodworking shop, the biggest issue is removing sawdust. Cleaning fine dust from the garage takes time and can appear to be an endless task as the dust builds up.

The best part is that sawdust in the garage can be controlled with equipment and clever cleaning procedures. Brushing sawdust isn’t the best answer because it’s exhausting and time-consuming to do numerous times a day. When it comes to cleaning sawdust out of the garage, think outside of the box.

When the sawdust is still relatively new, try wiping it away with a tea towel. Scraping tools can be really beneficial. If you use this method of sawdust cleanup, you must be very careful not to damage the tiles. Cleaning concrete sawdust with a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water works great too.

Now you’re probably wondering why your garage is always dusty. The concrete floor in your garage is the primary source of dust. Concrete is a porous substance that allows water to soak in, however, this water gradually degrades the concrete, resulting in the dust.

So how to clean sawdust out of the garage? Here’s how it works:

Use of Dust Collector

Take the size of your garage into account before selecting a dust collector. If you have a small garage, you’ll need a dust collector that’s small and compact and doesn’t take up a lot of room. If space is not an issue, however, you can get a complete dust collection system that will be mounted on the garage walls for maximum efficiency.

The most effective approach to remove sawdust is to collect it at each tool. For example, dust collectors are now included with sanders. You don’t have to do much cleaning when you collect sawdust in different places in the garage.

Use of Gentle Brush 

Sawdust isn’t always best dealt with by sweeping the garage floor. However, you should sweep the floor to get rid of any large wood chips that the dust collector could miss.

You can also use a soft broom to clean the dust that has accumulated on the walls. You should keep in mind that some dust settles on the walls, and you’ll need a soft broom to eliminate the dust particles.

Use of Wet Cloth

It can be difficult to work with fine sawdust particles. A wet piece of cloth is the best technique to remove sawdust off garage surfaces. It’s excellent for dust that’s become caught on surfaces because a dry cloth might not be able to get rid of it.

Use of Shop Vacuum

cleaning sawdust with a vacuum cleaner
Cleaning Sawdust with a Vacuum Cleaner

In the garage, a dust collector is insufficient. A shop vacuum will be required to clean sawdust that is not gathered by the dust collector. If you can’t find a dust collector, a shop vacuum will be enough. You’ll need a shop vacuum designed exclusively for collecting sawdust.

Normal vacuum cleaners may not work since they will not be able to capture all of the dust and may become blocked by fine sawdust. Always think about getting a portable shop vacuum so you can transport it to different areas of the garage to clean.

Use of Air Purifier

The air will stay stuffy even after sawdust cleaning. It is recommended that you use an air purifier to filter out the small sawdust particles that you may not notice. After cleaning, turn on your air purifier to guarantee that you are breathing clean air at all times. The air purifier has filters that trap any microscopic particles that may have escaped during the purification process.

Tips To Keep The Garage Clean From Being Dusty

If you’ve been overlooking your garage floor consistently, here’s something you would like to know. Whether it’s the snow during the winter or the oils and the grease stains, the mud, slush, and debris need to be cleared at regular intervals. You don’t want your garage to be a bitter pill to swallow, would you? 

Here are a few top tips:

· Fill up the gaps between the doors/Repair any cracks in the doors.

· Ensure that the filter in the heating or cooling systems in your garage is in good operating order.

· After you’ve completed your tasks for the day, clean up your vehicle.

Whether it’s the weather outside, the continual opening and closing of the garage door, or the stored sand and dust from the vehicle, cleaning the garage in a systematic way will ensure that it stays clean from being dusty.

Sawdust Should Be Dispose Properly

To keep the garage clean, sawdust must be properly disposed of. After you’ve cleaned the garage of sawdust, make sure you properly dispose of it so it doesn’t end up back there. However, many individuals leave sawdust sacks in their garages, where the dust quickly travels back into space.

Let’s Tie Things Up Now

Sawdust is a real annoyance. You’ll never totally eliminate it, but you can take steps to reduce it. Although a filthy and dusty garage is unpleasant, it is an unavoidable issue that everyone must face. Follow the simple steps above to not only save time and work but also to have a dust-free garage. Let’s get the garage back to its original state.

Furthermore, it appears that no matter how thoroughly you clean the garage, sawdust always reappears. No matter how well you cleaned it or how little you kept in there, the garage appeared to manufacture dust out of thin air.

Because different types of floors store different amounts of dust, floors can be a major contributor to a filthy garage. If your garage floor is made of epoxy, you’re safe. However, if you have a concrete floor, cleaning sawdust from your garage may be difficult.

Your garage might be dusty right now, but it doesn’t have to be. Because now you know how to clean sawdust out of the garage in the simplest way.

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