How to Make Tile Floors Shine Naturally – The Easiest Way!

How to Make Tile Floors Shine

How to Make Tile Floors Shine Naturally - The Easiest Way!

Floor tiles are the perfect choice for any homeowner or designer that wants to make a beautiful flooring. It is shiny and attractive and will give you one of the best appearances anytime you want.

How to Make Tile Floors Shine

More importantly, tiles are also best used in highly trafficked areas. Thanks to their easy to clean touch that makes them an exemplary design among the other options that you may have.

Nonetheless, like any other type of floor, tiles will eventually become dirty and get dull. If this happens to you, you’ll need to clean them up. Unfortunately, you may never get the shine back if you don’t know what to do.

So how to make tile floors shine? In this post, I will give you every tip that’ll help you to get your tile floors shining once again in case they are dirty. But first, let us take a look at the following topic.

Why Use Tile Flooring?

There are so many reasons why using tile floors is ideal for any home owner. These reasons may include the following.

  • Tile floors are shiny and attractive
  • They allow for different styling needs
  • They are very affordable compared to other flooring
  • They are also easy to care for and maintain
  • Tiles will also withstand the time in terms of design

With these many reasons, the people who use tiles for their flooring will enjoy a timeless design in their homes. The only challenge that they may find is how to make their matte floor tile glossy once it gets dull. Thankfully, that’s why I am here today.

Video Explanation

How to Make Matte Floor Tile Glossy

If you are curious about how to make floor shine, I will give you some of the coolest tips that you can use on your tiles next. The tricks are easy and will provide you with some of the most desirable results in no time.

Let’s dig in!

The Method I: Learn How to Clean Tile Grout

Tile grout after some time will catch dirt, dull up, and gather mold and mildew. The result of this will be a dirty and unhygienic tile floor. As such, the first thing that you must learn if you want to make porcelain tile shine is how to clean your tile grout.

The most important thing that you can do if you want to get rid of the dirt in your tile grout and prevent any staining and discoloration is to get a professional sealant on the tiles. This is often done during the installation of the tiles and after the gout cures.

You can then repeat your sealing annually or better after two years. Remember that some areas around your floor will require frequent maintenance to keep them shiny. Such areas will include the following.

  • Highly trafficked areas
  • Areas with so much exposure to moisture (bathrooms)
  • Ares that have frequent spillage such as the kitchen

So if you don’t want the grouting in your tiles to gather dirt, dust, or pebbles, here are some of the best tips for maintaining the shine.

  • Regularly sweep the floor to remove any debris and dust,
  • Use the vacuum cleaner to provide a more in-deeper cleaning touch
  • Move fast when cleaning spills such as water and grime
  • Handle substances with high acid content carefully (red wine)
  • Use the best commercially available cleansers meant for tile and grout

What You Shouldn’t Do

Don’t use bleach. Bleach will give you the perfect shine but will weaken the grout, thus making it much more porous. The chemical components in bleach are also harmful and require thorough cleaning.

Don’t scratch off. Scratching off the grout surfaces will not make porcelain tile shine. Scratchy cleaners are highly abrasive. Over time, these abrasive materials can easily wear grout off and leave you with deeper touches that will harbor more dirt.

Method II: Learn Proper Tile Floor Care

Keeping your tile floors spotlessly clean isn’t just about cleaning the grout. This is because most tiling works aren’t smooth, leveled, or perfectly aligned on the surface. Over time, you will realize that most of the tiling works will leave you with nooks and crannies that will easily gather dirt.

As such, another important thing that you should learn when it comes to how to make tile floors shine is proper tile floor care.

Unlike their laminate or wooden counterparts, there are several ways that you can easily prevent your tile from gathering dirt. So what are some of the best care tips that you can learn for tiled floors?

First, understand this. While ceramic tile with wax polish may react poorly to abrasives, you can always carry out a small test on a limited space before you get down to the real cleaning.

Again you should remember that the stone or the natural tiles are usually polished to provide a high shine or even sealed. Due to this, you can never use any abrasive cleaning tool such as a steel wool or even scrub pads on them. If you do that, you can damage the surface quickly.

Finally, when it comes to vinyl or linoleum tiling, remembering that this type of tiling work often comes with a thin overlay that enhances its shine is very important. As such, if you expose this type of tiling to any harsh chemicals, it might cause some peeling and cracking around your floor.

Even so, there are additional dos and don’ts of tile care that you must always keep in mind. They are also very important.

Tile Care Dos

  • Sweep or vacuum the tile floor daily as this will remove dust, mites, and dirt.
  • Follow your sweeping or vacuuming with a quick-dry dust mop to clean loose debris
  • If you don’t have ceramic tile wax polish or any staining use warm water to clean
  • Always dry the floor by going back over wet areas using the dust or dry mop
  • For stubborn stains or even heavier dirt, you can use commercial cleansers

Tile Care Don’ts

  • Avoid the use of harsh detergents and cleansers
  • Vinegar-based cleaning products are not ideal since they discolor tiles
  • Don’t clean floor wax without using a professional application

NOTE: Whether you are looking for how to make ceramic tile floors shine or just how to clean a tiled floor, these tips will come in handy. They are easy to follow and will also leave you with some of the best results whenever you want to get a spotless touch on your tiles.

How to make ceramic tile floors shine

Method III: Call in the Professionals

The final option that you can work with is you are looking for how to make ceramic tile floors shine is to call in the professionals. Why is this so?

The truth is this. However much you may think that you’ve maintained your tiled floor, one thing is always clear, and you can never avoid the need for professional help. This is because apart from just dulling up, your tiles may also break, damage, or get loose.

This damage, if unattended to may spread around, get worse, and leave you with a rather bad tiling touch in your home. So if you want to clean the tiles properly, fixing these damages will be ideal.

A great tiling work requires the best professional. So if you want your tile clean, call a professional whenever you notice the following things.

  • Highly stained or crumbling grout. You can also do so for the cracked grout.
  • Tiles with cracks, chips, breakages, or missing pieces
  • Stone or ceramic tiles with extensive surface tear and wear
  • Loss of tile color on your ceramic tiles or around specific areas
  • Surface tiles that exhibit scratches along with some areas

For the homeowners that are looking for how to make linoleum tile floors shine, keeping an eye out for the linoleum or vinyl tiles that have some exhibit of peeling, buckling or shifting will be a great sign to call in some professional help.

Getting a Glossy Clean Tiling Touch

While what we have seen above when it comes to professional help will also help anyone who is looking for the best way how to make wood tile floors shine, let me give you a summary of how to keep your tiles clean.

The best tiles cleaning tricks that will always give your floor tiles a glossy touch include the following.

  • Cleaning your tiles regularly to avoid any use of strong chemicals or scrubbing
  • Moping the tiles using both mild detergent and warm water
  • Make sweeping and vacuuming your most frequent cleaning routines
  • Checking for spillage in real-time especially around the kitchen and in dining areas
  • Using chamois mops instead of soft sponges to guarantee complete shine after cleaning

Additional Tips

When in search of how to make linoleum tile floors shine, the one thing that you must understand is this, tiles come in two types. There are the glazed and unglazed tiles.

The glazed tiles will come with a glossy appearance and have a thick finish. As such, when you want to clean the tiles, you must be very careful not to use any wrong cleaning agents as this may trigger obtuse flooring.

Restricting yourself to mild cleaning detergents such as homemade vinegar and warm water with lemon juice will be a great option for the glazed tiles.

Unglazed tiles, on the other hand, are porous. This means that dirt and even stains will easily gather around them. As such, you will find out that cleaning these unglazed tiles can be quite difficult.

Whether you clean the tiles every day, the fading color will happen in the long run. Luckily, you can easily prevent this by using one cup of ammonia and 2 liters of water when scrubbing or rinsing your tiled floor.

To make your tile clean in case of wax, you can use any laundry detergent or ammonia with warm water. Ammonia and the detergent should be used in very small quantities as they will easily brighten the tiles.


If you want your tiles clean, learning how to make tile floors shine will be one of the things that you must learn. This is very important as normal cleaning and maintaining the luster on your tiled floor are two very different things.

Nonetheless, you must understand that going with these tips that I have given you here will be very helpful. You will find most of these remedies easy to follow through, and you will hardly spend any money at all.

For the best tiles cleaning touch, learning how the remedies that you resort to work will be very important. It will help you to do the right thing and to stick to the most important results. Start with the simple tips that I have given you to get the best touch on your tiled floor.

Jack Dawson

Jack Dawson


Hi, I’m Jack Dawson; the founder of CLEANING FOR EVERYONE. I have been working in a cleaning appliances store for more than three years. I’ve launched this website to provide honest and unbiased information about cleanliness. So, if you’re the one who doesn’t know much about cleaning your house, garden, garage, and has a little bit idea about cleaning products; I believe this blog will be helpful for you.

How to Clean Floor Grout Without Scrubbing – The Easiest Way!

How to Clean Floor Grout Without Scrubbing

How to Clean Floor Grout Without Scrubbing - The Easiest Way!

Having grout between your tiles will leave one of the most beautiful and lasting experiences in your home. Thanks to the numerous benefits that grouting comes with, such as the following ones.

  • Prevention of dirt from harboring between tiles
  • Eliminating any forms of mold and fungi growths
  • Providing a cool touch of additional esthetics
  • Giving your tiles the perfect bonding
  • Eliminating any unwanted spacing around the floor

Even so, after long use, the grout may still get moldy, dirty, or even discolored. At this time, most homeowners will find out that cleaning this grout will be a pain sticking process!

If you are wondering how to clean floor grout without scrubbing, there are several grout cleaning processes that you can go with, including the use of a grout cleaner machine. Here are some of the best options that you can go with:

Let’s dig in, shall we?

How to Clean Floor Grout without Scrubbing

There is no better way of cleaning your floor grout without scrubbing except by the use of a grout cleaner tool. With the right grout cleaner machine, you will have an ideal DIY option that you can easily use on several grout types, tasks, and stains.

The use of an ideal machine is important since grout will easily remain susceptible to tough stains, soapy films, scum, and mold, among many other things. As such, you can always use the machine to prevent stains.

Even so, if you cannot afford the machine, there are many other homemade grout cleaning remedies that you can go with.

Baking soda is an outstanding medium to be mixed with hydrogen peroxide. Also, vinegar being an all substance cleaner also works simultaneously to clean floor grout without scrubbing. Recently, many other supplements including Clorox bleach and alkaline cleaners work efficiently to clean the floor without scrubbing. You can also experiment with sealing the grout, although it is normally less used than the others.

So, what is the best homemade tile grout cleaner? Take a look at what I have prepared for you.

Method Ⅰ: Hydrogen Peroxide + Baking Soda

While some people may prefer cleaning grout with bleach, the use of hydrogen peroxide is one of the most common options that you can go with. It is one of the most celebrated homemade grout cleaning remedies.

A descaling solution prepared at home is the easiest way to clean grout without scrubbing. A mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda works most efficiently in this case.

After baking soda is mixed with hydrogen peroxide, the chemical reaction between them forms a foaming mixture which is essentially just oxygenated bleach and baking soda paste.

To prepare a paste we need- 1 cup of sodium bicarbonate (Baking soda), 1 cup of Hydrogen Peroxide, 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid (Not mandatory).

After preparing the mixture by mixing baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dishing soap; the paste should be applied in the stained grout parts, and leave it like that for ten minutes.

After that period, the mixture needs to be softly scrubbed off of the grouts until the discoloration vanishes.

Baking soda helps you to remove any tough stains or the scum build-up from hard water. Hydrogen peroxide, on the other hand, will help you to clean and restore the bright touch to your grout and floor. It gets rid of any discolorations and will combine with the soap dish to kill any microbes too. Isn’t that awesome?

Cleaning Grout with Baking Soda & Hydrogen Peroxide

The amounts in the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda paste recipe can be adjusted according to the quantity of grout cleaner required. To acquire an effective grout-cleaner, one just needs to have hydrogen peroxide and baking soda in equal amounts in this mixture.

Remember this. In case you still notice some stubborn stains, you can repeat the process afresh until your grout retains its glow.

NOTE: You will need to wear your gloves over your hand so that you don’t handle hydrogen peroxide directly with your plain palms. The substance is safe for you. However, it stings and will get into any cuts that you may have around your hands.

Method Ⅱ: Vinegar Mixture

The vinegar method provides an effective solution on how to remove grout stains from tile. Lemons are well-known stain removers. Also, the volatile effects from the combined properties of vinegar and baking soda can be used to easily remove stains from floor grouts.

To prepare an effective vinegar floor cleaner, we need- 3½ cups of warm water, ½ cup of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), ⅓ cup of lemon juice, and ⅙ cup of white vinegar.

After mixing lemon juice, baking soda, white vinegar with warm water, the solution should be poured into a spray bottle. Then the solution must be sprayed into the dirty grouts.

Cleaning Grout with Vinegar Mixture in a Spray Bottle

The grouts must be left like that for at least an hour for the mixture to properly sit in with the grouts. After that, the grouts can be gently scrubbed by a scrubber sponge, and most stains should go away.

The best thing about vinegar as a household cleaner is that it is highly affordable as an ingredient and easily available. It’s a safe way of cleaning sanded grouts.

Method Ⅲ: Clorox Bleach

Oxygenated bleach is one of the most effective cleaning agents considering the cleaning power. It’s an effective method on how to whiten grout lines between tiles. But it’s a very rough cleaner, unlike the gentle vinegar cleaner.

On seeing the use of gentle cleaners, one might often ask how to remove rust stains from the grout. OxiClean or chlorine bleach is an amazing way to clean up the stubborn grout rust stains built up over a long time due to constant negligence. It’s known as the Clorox bleach method.

To clean using the Clorox bleach method, one needs to apply the undiluted compound of chlorine bleach on the rust stains from the grouts for a long time.

To avoid permanent damage, it shouldn’t be left alone for too long. But the more time it is left, the less effort it will be needed to scrub the floor grouts.

Method Ⅳ: Alkaline Cleaners

The cleaning solutions specially created and formulated to whiten the floor grout consisting of mildew and mold is included in the list of alkaline cleaners. Any cleaner found in the stores promoted towards bathroom grout cleaning should be enough for this.

Cleaning Grout with Alkaline Cleaners

Different chemical cleaners have different cleaning mechanisms, so the manufacturer’s instructions printed on the cleaner bottle must be properly followed. In some cases, the alkaline cleaners may even cause health hazards, so instructions regarding bodily protections must be properly adhered to.

It is recommended to use proper protective gear and cleaning equipment like a hand scrubber, scrubber brush, a scrubber sponge, etc. while handling alkaline cleaners to clean.

Method Ⅴ: Sealing the Grout

Sealing the grout is undoubtedly the most effective way to clean grout without scrubbing on the floor. Grout sealers can be used for this. While some grout cleaners are more effective than others, there is still no surefire way to completely remove the stains off of your dark floor grouts.

One cannot completely whiten grouts that have been stained beyond cause. So, until such a surefire way is invented to completely remove stains from dark grouts of the floor, sealing off the grouts using grout sealers can be a good alternative to grout cleaners.

Not all cleansers apply to every kind of floor grout. The methods listed here must experiment with first to observe the cleaning effects.

Additional Tips: There are several other grouts cleaning remedies, including the use of steam. When looking for a better way of how to clean floor tile grout with steam, the use of a grout cleaning machine will come in to play. Nonetheless, you will have a clean floor with absolutely no microbes.

How to Maintain a Clean Grout

Cleaning grouting can be a tough call to make. That’s why I recommend proper care and maintenance. This way, you will have a clean grout every single day. But how can you do that? Here are some of the best tips that you can work with.

Seal Your Grout Once Every Year

When you seal your grouting once a year, you will easily prevent any forms of discolorations. A good sealant will create an ideal barrier that will protect your grouting from some bad stains and any buildup of dirt.

Vacuum Your Floor Regularly

More importantly, you can also use the vacuum cleaner to pick up dirt from your floor. If you do this, you will realize that moping your tiles becomes easy and quite fascinating as you won’t be transferring dirt but rather giving your floor a cleaner touch.

Mop Your Floor Routinely

Use mild detergent with lots of water to mop your floor. It will clean your floor and rid it of any dirt or dust that might trigger dirt along with the grouting. Eventually, you will have a clean grout in your home. Do not use too much detergent as this will also leave you with a sticky floor that gathers dirt quickly.

Understand Your Flooring

You must understand what your floor needs. Unlike wooden floors, these floors require proper grouting and frequent inspection. Without a routine inspection, you might end up with very poor results for your flooring needs. So learn your floor and ensure that you give it the best touches more frequently.

Focusing on these simple remedies will leave you with even easier housework in the feature and clean grouting. They will help you to regularly maintain your flooring grout before it can get out of your control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not really. Here is the fact. Adding dish soap to your mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda is not necessary. However, it is ideal if you want to get an excellent cleaning touch for grimy surfaces or any areas around your home that may be exposed to grease.

Baking soda is a good cleaning remedy if you want to wipe your grout clean since it provides a gritty texture to the soap. As such, it helps you to easily eliminate any stubborn dirt that may be stuck in the grout without cleaning the grouting with a tough scrubbing touch.


In most cases, therefore, baking soda forms the most reliable option for polishing the worst stains too. You can, therefore, easily use it for multiple bathroom and kitchen cleaning applications at any time.

In terms of raw power, the best option to clean your grout is Clorox bleach. This is a potent grout cleaning agent that will guarantee the best cleaning results without necessarily mixing or adding any other substance to it.


However, bleach as a substance is a very harsh cleanser for yourself, loved ones, and even your tiles. It is, therefore, not ideal to use it often. However, you can use it once in a while if you want to revitalize your bathroom tiles and give the missing sparling glow once again.


Nonetheless, whether you clean your grouting with or without bleach, it is important to ensure that your floor is thoroughly rinsed. This is the only way that you can guarantee the best results at the end of the day.

Grout sealer breaks down when it comes to acidic agents. Vinegar is an acid thus it can easily degrade the sealer and dissolve grout.

A bit of mild scrubbing is always required but you can use Clorox bleach. It is the closest to a no scrub cleaning method.

The best grout cleaning tool can be bought in your local hardware. However, this might cost you more money and energy. As such, buying your grout cleaning tool online will be the best option. You will get affordable prices and even enjoy a variety of models to choose from.

More importantly, you will also get delivery at your doorstep without having to move around town. It is easy and convenient, especially for people who are living in areas that experience heavy traffic.

Final Words

If you are looking for how to clean floor grout without scrubbing, you now have all the remedies that will work for you. Even so, you should take your time to choose an ideal option depending on your needs and that of your family.

While machines will work, the use of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, Clorox bleach and several other cleaners have been touted as ideal. However, you must learn every trick of the cleaning routine that you have chosen requires so that you get the best results.

You can always work with the simple tips that I gave you and compliment them with other ideal options.

I’d really like to hear from you and I’d really appreciate if you leave your thoughtful comments here.

Have a great day!

Stay Clean, stay Safe!

Jack Dawson

Jack Dawson


Hi, I’m Jack Dawson; the founder of CLEANING FOR EVERYONE. I have been working in a cleaning appliances store for more than three years. I’ve launched this website to provide honest and unbiased information about cleanliness. So, if you’re the one who doesn’t know much about cleaning your house, garden, garage, and has a little bit idea about cleaning products; I believe this blog will be helpful for you.

How To Clean Sticky Floors After a Party – The Fastest & Easiest Way!

How to Clean Sticky Floors

How To Clean Sticky Floors After a Party - The Fastest & Easiest Way!

Just imagine you are having a party in your home. Parties make some of the best times to cool off, right? You don’t have to worry about the undone assignment, hot-headed boss, or those sleepless nights with the baby. However, the morning after the party is another crazy day.

You have to collect the trash, clean the venue, and again mop the floors. Unfortunately for many people, this is never the end of the nightmare. The big deal comes up when you finally have to contend with a sticky floor.

Well, there is no need to worry. If you have had a bad experience with sticky bathroom floor tiles, or kitchen floors; especially after mopping up, I am here to help. I will show you how to clean sticky floors so that you get the best feel out of it, but first, let’s look at these vital tips.

Causes of a Sticky Floor

If your sticky floor is not cleaned properly, the floor will gather dirt very fast. This will lead to a pile of bacteria that can be harmful to your health. Sticky bathroom floor tiles, for instance, will lead to fungal and growth of mold. That’s why you should clean your floors frequently and in the right way.

Before we get into this, I want to show you some of the causes of sticky floors.

Wrong Cleaning Detergent

The first major cause of sticky floors is homeowners using the wrong cleaning solutions or detergents. While most normal cleaning needs require mild cleaning detergents, you may be forced to use tougher cleaning detergents due to solid stains. This may include the use of volatile cleaning chemicals and other remedies.

TIPS: The trick to getting stubborn stains off is not the use of stricter chemical cleaners but to focus more on the type of stain. Sticky and grimier stains may require tougher chemicals but not their mild counterparts.

If you have a sticky residue, focus more on a chemical that has an opposite PH. This means using acidic cleaners on alkaline dirt and vice versa. If you have a similar PH (acid or acid dirt), the floor will be sticky at the end.

Too Much Cleaning Detergent

Another common reason for sticky floors is the use of too much cleaning detergent. The truth is this. Using too many cleaning solutions won’t leave you with a spotless clean touch, and this is something that you must learn. As such, you should focus more on the following things:

  • Understanding your type of floor
  • Following manufacturer’s instructions on the use of detergent
  • Using the right measurements when you want to clean your floor

Most cleaning detergents will come with a measuring cup. Use the cup to take up the right measurements for the stated floor or cleaning water.

Working with Dirty Water

Any water that is dirty already has some residue in it. The use of dirty water is, therefore, the main cause of the sticky floor.

As your mop cleans, it picks up residues. It is this residue that makes the floor dirty. Technically, you won’t be cleaning the floor but instead adding more dirt on a rather clean area by using dirty water. So the cleaner will not eliminate the dirt.

Due to that, you will end up with a greasy and rather stickier floor than you had when you were starting to clean the floor.

TIPS: Changing your cleaning water after a while will help you to maintain a clean touch to your floor as you clean through. It will give you an easy time and will also leave you with a less messy solution.

Not Rinsing the Floor

While you will change the water once you realize that it is getting dirty (with a white film of soap around it), if you don’t rinse the floor you will still have a sticky floor.

So make sure that after cleaning your floor, you get back to the starting point and rinse the floor with clean water.

TIPS: If you find out that rising the floor may be quite cumbersome, you can always choose the microfiber mops. These types of mops will do a better job at gathering the dirt and releasing it inside the mopping bucket instead.

How to Clean Sticky Floors

Different ingredients like ammonia, white vinegar, & sodium carbonate are prominent ingredients to clean sticky floors. You can also steam mop it by yourself. Also, a residue-free cleaner is also used to do that. Apart from that, baking soda and dish soap are common ingredients used in everyday life.

If you want to ensure that your floor gets a sticky-free touch after cleaning, here is a simple guide that you can work with.

Let’s dig in, shall we?

Method Ⅰ: Steam Mop

It’s a special type of mop equipment that uses steam instead of using cleaning agents like bleach, detergent, etc. which is common in a regular mop. It’s time-saving equipment that can provide great results in efforts to clean sticky tile floors as well as laminate flooring .

A steam mop works as an effective disinfectant, as the heat from the steam is enough to kill off germs and other harmful microorganisms on the floor. It works like a charm to clean sticky floors, and no further rinsing is necessary after using it. Isn’t that awesome?

The only disadvantage of using a steam mop is that it is not suitable for cleaning all types of sticky floors, especially the wooden ones. Using steam mops to clean hardwood floors and wooden floors might backfire instead. However, steam mops can be used to get sticky residue off laminate floors without much side effects.

Method Ⅱ: Ammonia

Ammonia is an amazing degreaser and is effective for removing sticky residue from tile floors. It is also a cost-friendly cleanser. A bottle of it might cost a bit high, but with the extremely low amount of it needed in every use, it can last for a long time.

It’s terrific how much dirt, wax, and the sticky residue it can remove from tile floors and vinyl floors. Cleaning kitchen floors is very effortless using ammonia as a floor cleaner. Isn’t that fascinating?

One cup of ammonia mixed with 1/2 gallon of water should clean most sticky tile floors and vinyl floors after leaving it for 5-10 minutes and mopping it up with a scrubbing sponge.

Pro Tips: Ammonia is very effective but also possesses corrosive properties, so it is recommended not to use it for regular cleaning. Instead, it should be used a couple of times a year, to get rid of the sticky residue built up over a long time.

However, like a steam mop, ammonia is also not recommended for using to clean wooden floors and extremely discouraged to use to clean hardwood floors. It’s not recommended for cleaning laminate floors too.

It has a naturally pungent smell, which is annoying since it can leave off a smell on the flooring for a long time. Although Ammonia has its setbacks, it is very effective as a glass cleaner, so it’s easy to use to clean sticky glass floors.

Method Ⅲ: White Vinegar

White vinegar works as one of the best gentle floor cleaners which can be used to clean sticky hardwood floors, wood floors, laminate flooring, tile floors, porcelain floors, etc.

It does not have corrosive properties like ammonia, so it is a pretty harmless floor cleaner. White Vinegar is a natural, non-toxic product.

White vinegar can clean, disinfect, and deodorize even the hardest floor surfaces. It’s a cost-effective, readily available, and most importantly, a safe floor cleaning ingredient that you can find very easily.

It is a very mild type of acid that functions exceptionally well in dissolving quickly grease and sticky water stains on floors. It also has a naturally fresh scent.  Even the scent can be customized by adding oils with an attractive odor to the vinegar solution before cleaning.

White vinegar, A water Bucket, Water, A Broom, Mop, A scrubbing sponge or a soft Towel, etc. are the ingredients needed for cleaning.

First, we have to mop off any dry dust substances accumulated on the sticky part of the floor.  It’s more important for hardwood floors as the dust may leave a stain when cleaning.

Then one cup of White vinegar should be mixed well with a gallon of water. After that, we rinse the sticky floor with a vinegar solution. Then using a scrubbing sponge, the floor should be mopped thoroughly until the stickiness is gone. 

It is very effective to remove sticky residue from wooden and hardwood floors. White vinegar can remove sticky residue from laminate floors gently without and harmful after effect.

Pro Tips: The use of ammonia and vinegar is ideal for cleaning sticky residues that may be on any floor. However, if the mess is due to a simple spillage of soda, don’t bother including ammonia or vinegar. Just focus on simple cleaning methods.

Method Ⅳ: Residue-Free Cleaner

Many household cleaners might have harmful foreign substances which can leave external sticky residues. This might result in a sticky floor. To clean such floors, such household cleaners are an obstacle to get rid of sticky floors. 

Even though cleaning it more might serve as a temporary solution, but residue-free cleaners are the best option to get rid of sticky floors permanently.

Not all residue-free solutions are similar in terms of ingredients. So, one needs adequate knowledge about residue chemicals to know what to avoid.

Method Ⅴ: Alkaline Cleaner

Washing soda, otherwise known as sodium carbonate or soda ash, is a powerful natural cleaning agent that softens the water. So, it is very effective to get rid of sticky residue from wood floors and all kinds of floors.

Washing soda is highly alkaline and basic with a pH of 11. It can act as a solvent and to remove sticky residue from floors like grease.  It’s non-toxic and safe for the environment.

Method Ⅵ: Baking Soda

Baking soda is not only used to keep your fridge smelling fresh, but also can be used as a good floor cleaner ingredient. It’s a mild ingredient that can remove sticky stains from floors without any scratch.

To effectively get sticky residue off the floors, 1/2 cup baking soda needs to be mixed in a bucket of warm water. Then the solution can be used to mop the floor and rinse.

The outcome is a fresh and clean floor without any stickiness. Baking soda alone might not be that effective to get rid of sticky floors, but it can create wonders for a sticky floor when mixed with vinegar cleaners.

NOTE: Using mild, warm, or hot water depends mostly on how sticky the floor that you are working on is. It is also advisable to get a microfiber mop for newbies.

Method Ⅶ: Mild Detergent / Dish Soap

Mild detergent or dish soap is an amazing floor cleaner. All you need is 1 or 2 tablespoons of dish soap and a bucket of water is all that’s needed to get rid of sticky floors and get a nice, clean floor in a short time. Use the measuring cup that the detergent comes with.

After mixing the solution, now you are ready to clean your floor. Give your floor a thorough clean and ensure that you take steps in between to change the water that you are using. Some of the things that you can do include the following:

  • Pay attention to all the sticky areas
  • Rinse the floor after every section
  • Change the water and measure the new cleaning solution
  • Wring your mop as frequently as you can

Dish soap is very effective on sticky vinyl and tile floors which are very resilient. But it’s recommended not to use soap and water on wooden floors, as they may be stained by moisture.

To clean laminate floors, the manufacturer’s recommendations should be followed for cleaning. Most of the laminates contain warnings about the impacts of too much moisture.

Additional Tips

While the above guide will give you a great start on cleaning sticky floors, there are other tips that will require simple applications. These tips include the following options. 

  • Scrap off any patches of dirt that can be easily scrapped
  • Try cleaning simple dirt without applying chemical cleaners
  • Start by vacuuming your wooden floor before cleaning
  • Follow the user manual on every cleaning detergent that you use

Frequently Asked Questions

Using the wrong cleaning solution can be the issue here. While normal cleaning may be enough for simple residue, some stain needs special cleaning solutions/chemicals.

Too much cleaning solution might be the problem here. Too much cleaner creates a soapy residue that makes the floor feel sticky.

Try to follow the instructions on the label as various products have different usage and recommendation.

Steam mops are the best cleaning equipment for the floor. With a good steam mop, you can easily avoid gummy floor problems.

Final Words

A clean floor is a very important part of a comfortable home. It is a great way of making your space an ideal portion where the fun stops. Even so, you need to learn how to tackle every cleaning challenge that comes your way.

Learning how to clean sticky floors, especially after a party will give you a great stride if you love to get together. Nonetheless, understanding the methods will help you to control germs too. You will kill the pathogen and remain with one of the safest homes for your loved ones.

So, which method you think is more effective and which one you will try first to clean your sticky floor? Comment below. I’d really like to hear from you and I’d really appreciate if you leave your thoughtful comments here.

Have a great day!

Stay Clean, stay Safe!

Jack Dawson

Jack Dawson


Hi, I’m Jack Dawson; the founder of CLEANING FOR EVERYONE. I have been working in a cleaning appliances store for more than three years. I’ve launched this website to provide honest and unbiased information about cleanliness. So, if you’re the one who doesn’t know much about cleaning your house, garden, garage, and has a little bit idea about cleaning products; I believe this blog will be helpful for you.

Top 7 Best Handheld Steam Cleaners for Grout in 2021

Best Handheld Steam Cleaner for Grout

Top 7 Best Handheld Steam Cleaners for Grout in 2021

So, you’ve got guests arriving at your home and you want everything pitch-perfect. Food? Check… Décor? Check…. Damn! Now you can beat Mrs. Smith when it comes to being the best host. Everyone will admire your home sweet home.

Best Handheld Steam Cleaner for Grout

Until they see grouts in your tiles though. Yikes! How did these grouts appear? When? Darn it! That’s going to make a bad impression.

Well, we bet you have the best handheld steam cleaner for grout, don’t you? With this little friend, you can get rid of those stubborn grouts in no-time.

Don’t have one? Hurry up then. Take your pick as we’re covering the top 7.  

Best Deals

1.Bissell Power Fresh Slim Steam Cleaner

Bissell Power Fresh Slim Steam Cleaner

  • 12-ounce water tank.
  • 9 accessories.
2.McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner ​

  • 48-ounce water tank.
  • 18 accessories.
3.Steam Mop Cleaner ThermaPro 10-in-1

Steam Mop Cleaner ThermaPro 10-in-1

  • 10 appliances function.
  • 3 steam level.

Top 7 Best Handheld Steam Cleaner for Grout

After conducting lots of authentic and reliable research, we have outlined products for you. Therefore, wave the worry of redoing tiles because of filthy grouts with any of our best steam cleaner.

So, without any further delay let’s jump into the long-waited quest.

  • Max Speed (mph): 10
  • Battery Life (hour): 2
  • Bluetooth: Yes
Check On Amazon
  • Max Speed (mph): 8.5
  • Battery Life (hour): 3
  • Bluetooth: No
Check On Amazon
  • Max Speed (mph): 7.4
  • Battery Life (hour): 2
  • Bluetooth: No
Check On Amazon
  • Max Speed (mph): 7.5
  • Battery Life (hour): 2
  • Bluetooth: Yes
Check On Amazon
  • Max Speed (mph): 12
  • Battery Life (hour): 3
  • Bluetooth: Yes
Check On Amazon
  • Max Speed (mph): 9.95
  • Battery Life (hour): 3
  • Bluetooth: Yes
Check On Amazon
  • Max Speed (mph): 8
  • Battery Life (hour): 2
  • Bluetooth: No
Check On Amazon

1. Bissell Power Fresh Slim Steam Cleaner

Scrubbing the toilet floors to remove grouts for tireless hours is the most horrific scene, isn’t it? It’s time for you to welcome PowerFresh Steam Cleaner from Bissell. It surely is one of the bests if not the best handheld steam cleaner to clean hard sealed floors like hardwood, granite, linoleum, ceramic,etc. at ease.

Since it comes with a 12-ounce water tank, refilling won’t be a problem for you to freak out. Plus, the Bissell steam cleaner brings with it an angle tool, grout tool, bristol brush and surface cleaner. So, all those hard-to-clean spots won’t be much of a problem.

Besides, it uses water steam to sanitize and clean your surface rather than useless harsh chemicals. Thus, it is super beneficial for both your home and health.

Also, the cleaner boasts an onboard storage kit to help you carrying tools along with this steam mop cleaner during mopping up. You will also be provided with a mounting kit so that you can hang it easily after finishing the work. Therefore, it won’t take much of your space when it comes to storing.

Moreover, the PowerFresh steam cleaner has an elongated 25-feet power cord. As a result, no matter how congested and the distant surface you want to mop, it will back you up.

You can also choose the steam setting from high to low, thanks to the digital control panel. There’s a pause button that you can use when you want to give it a rest for a minute. Therefore, using these mop steamers from Bissell will be easy-peasy.

Top Features:

  • 12-ounce water tank.
  • 9 accessories.
  • 25-feet power cord.
  • Digital control panel.
1.Bissell Power Fresh Slim Steam Cleaner



2. McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

A steam cleaner may perform well in your house, but what about the stains of the garage, patio, and BBQ grill? You need a beast to count on to carry out such a task? Well, get your hands on the McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner to beef up your home effortlessly.

When most of the steam cleaners lack enough space for water, it steps in with a 48-ounce water tank. So, it won’t give you the hassle of filling its tummy with water every now and then.

Plus, sealed or laminated floor, tiles, oven, appliances, cars, grouts – you name it, this beast comes with a plethora of 18 accessories!

Some of them are floor mop, long and short nylon brushes, triangle brush to flexibly clean hard spots, jet nozzle, etc. So, McCulloch Steam cleaner will certainly do away with all the filths and dirt of your premises.

Besides, a 9-foot steam hose along with a 15.7-foot power cord will give you the maneuverability to use this steam cleaner on higher and lower surfaces.

It heats up water in no more than 8 minutes providing 33-37 g/min at 43 psi, thanks to the 1500W power. Then, why use chemicals when this cleaner can disinfect surfaces only by using water steam.

Moreover, it understands that you have lots of grout to scrub and grease to brush. That’s why it comes with the capacity of supplying steam for 45 2minutes continuously.

Top Features:

  • 48-ounce water tank.
  • 18 accessories.
  • 7-foot power chord.
  • 1500W heating power with 43 psi.
  • Supply heat for 45 minutes.
2.McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner



3. Steam Mop Cleaner ThermaPro 10-in-1

If you are thinking to give up on those stubborn, tough stains scattered all around your place, bring in ThermaPro Steam Mop Cleaner and let the steam do all your work.

It alone can carry out 10 appliances work. What you need to do is just add the attachments and start mopping up. As a result, you won’t need to carry a bundle of tools whether for cleaning carpets, bathroom tiles, windows or kitchen tops. It’s a whole-house cleaning solution in one.

Besides, this handheld steam cleaner has an 11.50-ounce water tank and it heats up the water in 30 seconds. So, while you are up to mopping spacious hardwood floor, it won’t break down in need of a refill every while.

Since it uses hot water steam instead of brutish regents, you will get sparkling shiny surfaces without damaging them. Not only a clean surface, but steam also kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Therefore, it is safe to use around your family and pets.

Moreover, ThermaPro Steam Cleaner from PurSteam knows that you have tough grouts between tiles, grease over the kitchen top, clothes to steam. That’s why it provides multiple accessories like window squeeze, nylon brushes, straight nozzle and many more.

In addition to the accessories, it comes with 3 steam level and they are adjustable. Therefore, you can easily control and apply the right amount of steam where needed.

Further, it will increase the range and limit of cleaning, thanks to the extended 19.6-feet power cord.

Top Features:

  • 10 appliances function.
  • 50-ounce water tank.
  • Multiple accessories.
  • 3 steam level.
  • 6-feet power cord.
3.Steam Mop Cleaner ThermaPro 10-in-1



4. Wagner Spraytech 120V Steam Cleaner

What’s holding you back from removing stubborn grout, tough stains when you have the Wagner Spraytech Steam Cleaner. So, get back into eliminating that dirt from your premises right now.

Now, this steam cleaner provides a wallpaper steam plate with staggering high pressurized steam to take away old wallpapers bit by bit. So, yeah, this one can be the best high-pressure steam cleaner you can get your hands on.

Plus, pour water into its tummy and go-ahead to mop up anything you want. Don’t worry it will back you up for a long time, thanks to the 48-ounce water tank.

When we are talking about cleaning, sanitizing is also important. That’s why Wagner Spraytech uses high power steam not only to bring about a shiny surface but to kill all the germs fiercely. Therefore, feel safe to use this handheld steam mop around your family.

Moreover, if you are dealing with grease on countertops, grouts, mud from tires, you definitely need Wagner steam cleaner, thank for providing 11 attachments. So, it is efficient in terms of multipurpose use.

Besides, an 8-feet hose of this 120V steam mop will surely help you to reach those hard-to-clean spots. And, since it provides continuous and intermittent steam settings, you can control the flow of heat with the locking trigger at ease.

Also, the LED indicator lights will notify you with a red light when water reaches 145-degree and the green light points steam-ready-to-use. It takes only 10 minutes to heat up the water to give 45minutes non-stop flow of heat.

Top Features:

  • High pressurized steam.
  • 48-ounce water tank.
  • 11 attachments.
  • Locking trigger.
  • LED indicator lights.
4.Wagner Spraytech 120V Steam Cleaner



5. Vapamore Amico Hand-Held Steam Cleaner

Sometimes small things can clean out “hard-to-reach” areas smoothly rather than bulk ones. With that view in mind, the Vapamore made this MR-75 Amico Steam Cleaner portable with specialized components into the heart of this machine.

As it weighs only 3.5-pounds, you will be able to use it flawlessly while carrying around at different places. For which, you’ll find it easy to clean out every surface of your house ceaselessly.

Besides, this steam clean grout cleaner heats water at 210 F for high power steam to eliminate stubborn dirt, grime, stains seamlessly. It not only wipes away dirt but also disinfects the surfaces without using any regent, thereby, making it safe to use.

Plus, the MR-75 Amico mop steamer comes with abundant attachments. Starting with an array of brass and nylon brushes, jet nozzle, detail scrapper and many more, a total sum of 16 attachments. Therefore, this all-round steamer is going to clear out almost every surface with a breeze.

Moreover, it comes with 1000W power to connect the 115V outlet for giving 43.5 psi of heat per minute. At the same time, it can spontaneously supply steam for 20minutes at max. So, it will give you a breezy blitzing experience indeed.

Additionally, Vapamore MR-75 Amico steamer carries a 10-feet power cord to give you a flexible reach in tighter spots. From now on, don’t allow any dirt to settle down on your premises.

Top Features:

  • 5-pounds.
  • 16 attachments.
  • 1000-Watt steam cleaner.
  • 115V 60H with a 43.5 psi steam rate.
  • 10-feet power cord.
5.Vapamore Amico Hand-Held Steam Cleaner



6. Steamfast SF-370 Canister Cleaner

When we are talking about cleaning, efficiency and portability is very essential to carry out the task thoroughly.

That being said, Steamfast SF-370 comes with wheels to move around while floor mopping and carrying handle in case you need to mop outside your home. So, it will make your wiping job a piece of cake.

Plus, it has been equipped with a spacious 48-ounce water tank. As a result, refilling stress won’t be in your dictionary.

Moreover, it doesn’t require any kind of violent chemicals for ripping off the grout and stains. Rather, it inflames the water in 8 minutes and supplies steam for 45 minutes consecutively to eliminate any stubborn dirt from any surface.

Bonus; it not only does the cleaning; it effectively assassinates germ and bacteria making it safe as houses.

Besides, SF-370 Canister Cleaner will provide you 15 different attachments. As a result, it will be a breeze for you to clear out dirt from tiles, hardwood floors, windows, car tires, appliances and many more places.

Also, this steam mop has 1500W pro-grade power suitable for 120V outlet which allows it to heat water 200-degree F. Now that qualifies it to be the best steam cleaner for tile.

Dust, grime always don’t show up, they stay silently on places that are hard to reach. But no worries, as it comes with a 15.4-feet power cord along with the 6.5-foot hose, you can reach up those areas and rip them off once and for all.

Top Features:

  • Wheels and carrying handle.
  • 48-ounce water tank.
  • 15 attachments.
  • 1500W and 120V
  • 4 feet power cord.
6.Steamfast SF-370 Canister Cleaner



7. Dupray Multipurpose Heavy-Duty Steamer

Last but not the least, Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner to fortify you during mopping up floors, bathrooms, furniture and many more.

It gets an easy victory over other products owing to a 54-ounce water tank with built-in funnels. Even though it requires refilling after a long time, the chances of spilling out water will be at zero. So, you get to mop up without no mess at all.

Whether cleaning stubborn floor messes, grout cleaning, degreasing oven, or restoring the old shine of tiles. Thanks for providing 18 useful pieces of accessories. Thus, Dupray steam cleaner will blow away everything on its way of mopping.

Plus, it boasts with 1500W power to produce 270-degree steam temperature in approximately 7 minutes. Besides, this steamer gives 50 psi of high pressurized steam for 50-minutes! Therefore, no dirt, dust will have the audacity to stand against it; resulting in a clean and shiny surface.

Now as you’ve read that it uses high-pressure steam for deep cleaning, you can rest assured that your floors are free harmful regents as well as bacteria. So, it ensures proper safety for your family and pets.

However, the Dupray Neat Steamer has elongated a 16-feet power cord to give you maximum reach. Also, there are wheels to move it along with you. As a result, you’ll get both the maneuverability and portability during cleaning.

Top Features:

  • 54-ounce water tank.
  • 18 pieces attachments.
  • 1500W Power and 120V
  • 16-feet power cord.
  • Rolling wheels.
7.Dupray Multipurpose Heavy-Duty Steamer



Buying Guide

Since we are talking about cleaning grout, a shiny and clean surface is what to expect. Though you have come through all the details of our top products, follow the below-mentioned features before you make the final purchase.

Larger Tank

This can be considered the foremost and vital feature of a steam cleaner. Because a larger tank can contain more water, thereby, you will get more steam. Otherwise, you will need to refill the water over and over again, which is both times consuming and exhausting.


Though a big water tank adds weight to the cleaner, it reduces the stress of the refilling tank repeatedly. Well, you can opt for Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Multipurpose Heavy-Duty Steamer for its huge 56-ounce water tank.

Power and Temperature

Without enough wattage power, it’s unimaginable to expect high temperatures that will clear out grout. Side by side, high heat steam that is around 158 to 212 degrees F is also important to disinfect and sanitize tiles.

But bear in mind that it loses its temperature while passing out through the hoses. So, you need to use a shorter hose or nozzle to get the best heat steam.

However, the best steam cleaner for grout takes care of such issues to heat up the water tank adequately. Besides, choosing mop steam with pressure and steam can give you a sparkling and mind-blowing grout-free surface.

Well, our Wagner Spraytech 120V Steam Cleaner and Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Multipurpose Heavy-Duty Steamer come with such stunning combination.


If you are planning to clear out grout, dust, grease, you will need much more than only a steamer. Well, thanks to the manufacturer as all of them try to include useful accessories with their products. As a result, you won’t need to buy and carry a bundle of tools with you which is a tiresome task.


Though all of our products come with a quality set of accessories, DuprayMultipurpose Heavy-Duty Steamer and McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner bring with 18 accessories for performing multitask.

Extensible Cord

The steam cleaner for tile that is equipped with a long extensible power cord will surely help you degreasing and removing grout at distant places. Especially when you are cleaning a large room, you will be able to connect the cord to a different power supply.

So, the Bissell PowerFresh Slim Hard Wood Floor Steam Cleaner Systemshoo-in for its 25-feet extensible power cord.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can a handheld steam cleaner clean?

Ans. A handheld steam cleaner can step in multipurpose mop up tasks such as cleaning tiles, sterilizing glass doors, pet cages, furniture, etc. But for carrying out such versatile work it requires plenty of accessories.

Is there anything not to clean with a steam cleaner?

Ans. Yes, there are certain things you should avoid to clean with steam cleaner for instance stucco, bricks, food plants, silk, velour upholstery etc.

Does a steam cleaner dispatch bacteria and germ?

Ans. If water of a steam cleaner is heated up to 175-degrees F, it can effectively kill germ and bacteria about 99.9%. Steam cleaning has a reputation for killing bacteria, dust mites and germs;which include E. coli, Staph bacteria and other micro-organisms.

How do I know if there are dust mites?

Ans. Dust mites often trigger an allergic reaction in the human body such as sneezing, itchy skin, postnasal drip, watery eyes etc. Then, you should take the necessary steps to eliminate them.

Wrapping Up!

We along with you can’t just sit and watch grout wearing out the shine of tiles and floors eventually. That’s why we have presented to you the best handheld steam cleaner for grout above. So, its time you rip that stubborn grout, grease, grime apart from your premises through and through.

Jack Dawson

Jack Dawson


Hi, I’m Jack Dawson; the founder of CLEANING FOR EVERYONE. I have been working in a cleaning appliances store for more than three years. I’ve launched this website to provide honest and unbiased information about cleanliness. So, if you’re the one who doesn’t know much about cleaning your house, garden, garage, and has a little bit idea about cleaning products; I believe this blog will be helpful for you.