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About Us


Welcome to Cleaning For Everyone!

I’m Jack Dawson. Yeah, you guess it right! I was drowned in the North Atlantic ocean in the movie ‘Titanic’. Just kidding! 

Some months ago, I was having dinner in a friend’s house and my friend’s mom asked me which kinda cleaning appliances she should buy as her cleaning machine had recently stopped working. She was so confused about which brand she should buy. As I have been working in a cleaning appliances store for three years; I did suggest some good and budget-friendly machines using my expertise.

After that, I realized there might be a lot of people out there searching the same information and confused just like my friend’s mom. Most people get recommendations from their friends n family and on the internet. Well, we all know it is really difficult to find standard and unbiased reviews and guidance on the internet. Even if you find one; it’s more confusing when you’ve to choose from ten different options!

I’ve launched this website to provide honest and unbiased information about cleanliness. So, if you’re the one who doesn’t know much about cleaning your house, garden, garage, and has a little bit idea about cleaning products; I believe this blog will be helpful for you. Trust me, researching online is the pain in the ass. I’ll try my best to reduce that pain from your life.

If you’ve any questions or queries, I’m just a knock away!